A Song for Ray Nagin

[Updated] For the last decade, the EMP Pop Conference has been the premiere venue for high-level music nerdery. Journalists, critics, ethnomusicologists and others who think seriously about music gather to share information, points of view, theories and takes - often on subjects that they couldn't find print homes for.

Bounce Against the Wall

"It's important for us to tell original stories," says A.J. Allegra, creative director of The NOLA Project. The theater company has made its biggest splashes with performances of Shakespeare plays on the grounds of The New Orleans Museum of Art. Their acclaimed version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was noteworthy for its creative use of the Bestoff Scupture Garden, but tonight it opens a new play that is innovative in another way.

A Reason to Return to Carnival

Professor Longhair and some Carnival classics get the Balkan bounce beat courtesy of Gypsyphonic Disko. Today, Quickie Mart and Galactic's Ben Ellman released the new Gyspyphonic Mardi Gras, a half-hour downloadable mix that adds bounce's party-starting mojo to "Hey Pocky-Way" and many more. Me - I could stand these versions to be a little more out there, but a they smartly add a vibe that's both retro (the '90s) and contemporary that keeps these remixes from feeling easy.


Behind the Scenes with Big Freedia

Yesterday, Pitchfork.tv released "Big Freedia - the Queen Diva," a half-hour mini-documentary that has the inescapable footage of p-popping dancers and a tour of Freedia's house and neighborhood, but it also includes scenes from his personal life and a revealing conversation about the business of bounce as his management debates how to take Freedia to the next level.