Brett Harris Works on His Honesty

Brett Harris is a reason to revisit the nature/nurture debate. The singer and multi-instrumentalist from Durham, North Carolina grew up in a rural area where the only pop music he heard was on commercial radio in the ’90s, and the family had Beatles albums but not a turntable to play them on. There was a piano in the house and his brother had a guitar with a few broken strings, but nobody in the house was particularly musical. Still, Harris figured out how to make music with those meagre instruments.

The Breton Sound Is in the Front Row

[Update] When Foo Fighters performed in the front window of Preservation Hall, The Breton Sound’s Jonathan Pretus made it to the front row. ran a photo of him, his wife Julia and his brother Brian from punk band Pears separated by a barrier and three feet from Dave Grohl, and the band’s recent EP makes his affection for the band clear.

Big Star, Fats Domino, Nat King Cole and The Last Kamikazis of Heavy Metal at the Film Fest

[Updated] The New Orleans Film Festival started Thursday night and continues until next Thursday. Last year, Lily Keber's The Bayou Maharajah ended the festival on a local note, and this year will ended similarly when Joe Lauro’s documentary The Big Beat on the music of Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew screens at The Carver Theater.