The Breton Sound Owns its Ambition

The Breton Sound plays arena-sized rock in indie-sized rooms. Many of the band’s models are pop classicists—The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Monkees, Big Star—but the results are closer in spirit and sound to Weezer and Foo Fighters. It’s no coincidence that when the band performed a couple of Desert Island Disc shows last year, they covered Pinkerton and The Colour & The Shape from end to end.

Auld Lang Syne

A look at the week ahead in New Orleans live music, including New Year's Eve, the Jimmy's Punk and New Wave Reunion, the end of this phase of The Carrollton Station, and the Holiday HO-Down.

Bowling for Dollars

This year's BTE Open brought actor Jonathan Silverman, singer Tyler Bryant, Tonic's Emerson Hart, a couple of Mackels and more to the Rock 'n' Bowl last Friday afternoon. They along with other celebrities and - ahem - high rollers joined the members of Better Than Ezra in a two-part event that raised funds for the BTE Foundation.

Yea, Snarky and the Saints Home Opener

This week's Milk Run starts fast with daytime action today at the Rock 'n' Bowl (see the BTE Open in "Other Stuff") and Yeasayer tonight at the Republic. Here's the upcoming week at a glance.

Friday: Yeasayer, Daedelus, 9 p.m., The Republic: The Brooklyn indie rock band's one constant is stylistic change, and the recent Fragrant World finds them putting aside their maximalist impulses in favor of a more techno-pop mode. (tickets)