Lily Keber Needs Help to Bring "Buckjumping" to the Silver Screen

Lily Keber is trying to finish her follow-up to Bayou Maharajah, her 2013 James Booker documentary, and she’s looking for Kickstarter help to finance the final steps. The new film, Buckjumping, explores the world of New Orleans’ second line dancing, and that comes with costs. “We need things that sound tedious and boring, but that are super important,” she says.

Classified in the Studio

In many music documentaries, live performances grind the narrative to a halt, and as good as the performances may be, they leave viewers with the suspicion that they’re why the movie exists - to show them, and that the whole project is an extended, very public act of fandom. When Lily Keber’s Bayou Maharajah: The Tragic Genius of James Booker screened at this year’s New Orleans Film Festival, the vibe was far less indulgent. Sequences of Booker in concert were more than See? Look! Wasn’t he great?! moments.