Bantam Foxes Have a Gold Record Coming

Many bands still seem addicted to the major label-dictated album cycle that once prompted Prince to declare himself a slave. Although the technology that gets music from the bands to the fans has given the musicians more control, many still want to put out an album once a year at best, maybe longer, even though the ADD-afflicted marketplace has a hard time remembering a band three months after a release. 

On Stage in New Orleans in 2016

[Updated] My Spilt Milk's contributors and particularly photographers Patrick Ainsworth and Steven Hatley see a lot of music in a year--more than we write about. In 2016, we want to document that and put all those photos in one place. This post will be updated regularly, and each time it is freshened, we'll draw attention to it again. When it gets too big, we'll create a Part II, Part III, and more if necessary. Whatever the case, we'll have a photographic record of the year in music as it happens.

A Remixed Superstition and a Remixed Carly Rae Jepsen

1. “Stepping Outside” - Val Hollie: The first track from New Orleans’ Val Hollie’s upcoming self-titled EP, which is due out November 13 at the Saturn Bar.

2. “This Must Be the Place” - Kishi Bashi: Kishi Bashi recorded his cover of this Talking Heads song for a collection of 45s, and again for his upcoming album, String Quartet Live!, November 13. 

Voodoo News: Bantam Foxes Have a Brand New "Loser"

Bantam Foxes (Friday, noon, Carnival) display a classic love of big, fuzzy, riffy electric guitars. On the band’s new four-song Loser EP, guitars are everything, from the Nirvana boogie of “(I Wanna Move to) Texas” to the big, chorded chorus in “Left for Dead,” which gets out of the way for a full-blown, squeal it out, distortion-laden solo.

The Milky Way: Bantam Foxes Play Favorites

Indie rock band Bantam Foxes are music fans first. When their album Triumph came out last fall, brothers Collin and Sam McCabe couldn't tell their story without mentioning the bands they like in the process. Saturday night, they'll play the Old U.S. Mint at 8 p.m. Today they've outlined the eight songs that define their musical universe.