Recently, rock band AWOLNATION returned to New Orleans and the House of Blues for the first time since playing Voodoo last Halloween. Nights later, EDM act SBTRKT played The Republic. Photographr Patrick Ainsworth was at both to capture two very different spectacles. AWOLNATION is a conventional rock show that is all about singer Aaron Bruno, while SBTRKT's main man Aaron Jerome does his best to obscure his identity.

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Voodoo: Last Call for 2014

[Updated] Thoughts that we didn’t get around do during Voodoo 2014:

- Here’s a thought for Voodoo 2015. Spike the Le Carnival stage and go for something more cutting edge. It’s hard to imagine more contemporary headliners who could deliver headliner-sized audiences, and headliners are exactly that—the top of the story, but hardly the festival’s full story.