Are Soundscapes the Key to Better Sound Management in New Orleans?

Last December, David Woolworth of Roland, Woolworth & Associates organized “A Workshop on Sound for New Orleans.” The city hired Woolworth as an acoustic expert when City Council considered updating the noise ordinance in 2014. A soundwalk he led on Bourbon Street late one afternoon illustrated the simplistic nature of the proposed solution as many Bourbon Street venues violated the proposed decibel threshhold before the crowd arrived and the street got genuinely loud.

Noise About Noise

It wasn't pretty but it worked. Yesterday, 100 to 150 members of the music community packed into Kermit's Treme Speakeasy to express their outrage at what they perceive as the programmatic harrassment of live music, and whether it's actually happening or not, the anger and the frustration in the room were very real.