How Does Jazz Fest Turn 50?

On a star power level, this year’s Jazz Fest was soft. Its biggest names play casinos and theaters, not arenas. David Byrne’s tour will play Saenger-like venues when he’s not booked at festivals. Jack White fit in the Saenger as last time he was in town, and it’s hard to imagine that the poorly received Boarding House Reach changed his draw for the better.

Nola Mix Drops an Anniversary Mix

Earlier this summer, we talked to DJ Yamin, Quickie Mart, and Tony Skratchere about NOLA Bounce Breaks, Vol. 1 at NOLA Mix Records. Yamin runs NOLA Mix, and the story ends with video of him scratching live with the bounce beats EP, showing off how it could be used. At the time of the story, the EP was almost sold out. Now, a limited edition colored vinyl in on sale as well.

The Kingpin Celebrates 15 Years with Light Rock and Elvis

Fifteen years ago, I was part of a throng who helped open The Kingpin Uptown. Those invited to the opening night were asked to bring a CD for the jukebox, so I contributed The Best of Faces: Good Boys When They’re Asleep. It’s no longer on the jukebox—I’m not sure that anything from the original batch is, with the possible exception of a swamp pop comp—but the K&B Vitamin Center I also donated remains over the beer cooler.

An Unfocused "Homage"

In the months after Hurricane Katrina, I remember talking to a writer who speculated that it would be more than a decade before The Times-Picayune would go a week without the word “Katrina” appearing. He didn’t say it cynically. He rightly recognized Katrina as such a momentous event that we would continue to deal with its aftermath for at least a decade. At the moment, all skepticism is valid as the barrage of tenth anniversary coverage feels like overkill no one asked for that doesn’t illuminate anything new.