Angel Olsen Mirrored Her Album's Landscape at the Civic

Angel Olsen is a master of ethereal subtlety. She is known for her minimalism, but All Mirrors is a more decadent album than her older albums, and her set design at the Civic on November 5 executed this vision with stunning accuracy. Her show was an art installation that brought to life the winding heartache and intensity of her latest album. 

Angel Olsen Shows Off Modestly

Angel Olsen’s voice is a force of nature. It’s pained and soothing, soulful and ethereal all at once, a shock to the system of any listener with two functioning eardrums and a beating heart. Her lyrics feel deeply personal, often addressing a past love or an unrequited interest directly in the second person, and when her voice floats out of a pair of speakers (or better yet, headphones), she’s speaking directly to you.

Angel Olsen refuses to hide

Angel Olsen is not the kind of person who bothers to hide anything. The Asheville-based singer/songwriter shared her love for Kristen Wiig, discussed a half-dozen opinions on her place in the music industry, and took a short segue into bank marketing in the first few minutes of our phone conversation. Olsen's honesty radiates on her latest album Burn Your Fire For No Witness, with raw emotional material that strikes to the heart of things.