Museumgoer: The Story of a Man and His Phone

A baseline throbs assertively as cameras click at the start of Museumgoer’s “BBC Sound Effects Library x Museumgoer.” The sophisticated strut recalls the groove of Roxy Music’s “Love is the Drug,” while the cameras bring to mind Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film”—a band and track that owe a lot to Roxy Music as well.

Steve Roach Goes to Work

[Updated] The stars of the music that once found themselves ambivalently under the “new age” umbrella gathered last May in New Orleans for the ZMR Awards. Few if any in attendance care for the genre label, which is a catch-all for “New Age, World, Ambient, Electronic, Solo Piano, Relaxation, [and] Instrumental” music, as the Louisiana-based Zone Music Reporter’s website announces.

Julianna Barwick stands alone

Julianna Barwick would sit in the pews at church three times a week, listening to the choir as it layered harmony upon harmony, building into big moments but highlighting small, quiet reflections with precision. Barwick, originally from West Monroe, was captivated by the swirl of voices and sounds that created an acoustic experience that would stay with her as she grew older — so much so that it became her mission as a musician to reproduce that spiritual wonder and reproduce it alone.

Teen Daze at the Disco

Teen Daze's music is patient. Meditative. Contemplative. Even stately at times, but the songs don't start that way. The Canadian chillwave artist is working to fight his tendency to take a song from start to finish in a single setting. "A lot of times I'll come back to it a month later and think, Aww, I should have done this," he says. "I almost finish them too quickly.