Angel Olsen’s voice is a force of nature.

tysson photo

In 2008, John Michael Rouchell made himself an important part of the New Or

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Saturday was Black T-Shirt Day at Voodoo with a heavy rock lineup topped by

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The Faux/Real Festival grew out of New Orleans Fringe Festival, and it kicks off

Seeing Wye Oak at the Republic Wednesday night was like seeing confidence and triump

My grandfather was a real catchphrase guy. He didn’t speak in aphorisms, just affable taglines that reminded you of the jovial man he was.

[Update] “I’m not trying to soundtrack your fucking life,” says Alex Brettin, a.k.a. Mild High Club.

As summer draws to a close, crank up the AC and the volume and listen to this week's "Freshly Spilt Milk" with hot new tracks from old favorites including Speedy Ortiz and The Tallest Man On Earth, as well as promising new artists like Toy Cars and Space Mountain.

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Even numbers are a problem.

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(New My Spilt Milk contributor Jessie Rubini saw Lord Huron Saturday night at the House of Blues. Here's her report.)

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When Tiffany Lamson told Rotary Downs to sit, they sat. 

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Many bands still seem addicted to the major label-dictated album cycle that once prompted Prince to declare himself a slave.

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The consensus seems to be that Elvis Costello killed Thursday at J

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The Breton Sound plays arena-sized rock in indie-sized rooms.

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Louisiana rock/pop band Royal Teeth have been best known over the last few years for its

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New Orleans' rock band Woozy is a nominee for Best Debut Album in

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Von Mozes started life as Teenager, which emerged from indie rock band

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Not only is New Orleans unlikely to see a white Christmas this year, but it's doubtful we'll see a cold one either.

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Today, New Orleans rock band Exports debuted a new song, "Red Herring," through

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Saturday night, NOLA Polar Express returns to The Publiq House to celebrate the season th

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Buku Music and Art Project will be returning to Mardi Gras World for its fifth installment

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This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new music from Datsik, ((mothers)), Borgore, Jesusdapnk and more!

“I know you're waiting on my move tonight/hesitation/wait until the moment's right,” said no lothario ever.

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This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new music from Spookyland, Lazyboy Empire, GoldLink and more!

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Part-time Stereolab collaborator Sean O'Hagan has found full expression of his Beach Boy impulses as well as his love of low-tech drones in

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Friday night at Voodoo, I found myself thinking about why England makes such g

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Bantam Foxes (Friday, noon, Carnival) display a classic love of big,

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When the final version of the Voodoo announcement that Public Image Ltd.

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This time last year, GIVERS previewed new music when they played Voodoo.

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The Voodoo Music and Art Experience returns to City Park this Halloween weekend, and My S

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This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new music from Infuze, Sun Club, Rastronaut, Young Romance, and more.

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A video on YouTube begins with a motormouthed “92.9, KJEE, SAN

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Hibou’s Peter Michel works best on his own.

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This week's Freshly Spilt Milk includes new music from Jack Ü, Alesso, Major Lazer x DJ Snake vs. Pop Noir, a lot of soul and a special bonus summertime mixtape.

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Facebook's collective "meh" over the talent lineup for Voodoo 2015 left me wondering if t

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[Updated] Home production software has been a mixed blessing.

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Grant Gustafson laughs a lot.

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There’s no getting around Benjamin Booker’s voice.

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The Waterboys’ music has moved as Mike Scott has moved.

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[Updated] Last fall, I interviewed Feufollet’s Chris Stafford for

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This week "Freshly Spilt Milk" has new music from Penguin Prison, Doldrums, CRNKN and more.

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As a member of Israeli rock ’n’ roll band Monotonix, Yonatan Gat didn’t recognize

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[Updated] Thoughts that we didn’t get around do during Voodoo 2014:

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“Because rock was so sacred, I tried to keep them separate.”

Photo of The Honorable South

“I always send them stuff. I get on their nerves telling them what they should listen to,” says Ms.

Photo of Slightly Stoopid

“We butt heads a little bit but at the end of the day, we’re all friends.

Photo of Spirit Animal

The funk/rock band talks about performing live, songwriting, and making party rock for smart people.

Jamey Johnson by Patrick Ainsworth

With three guitars, a pedal steel player and two drummers, Jamey Johnson's ba

Poster for Boats & Krief

"Never ever ever change your font size / Never ever become a vengeful ghost," Mat Klachefsky sings on

Siblings and bandmates Rob and Rachel Kolar of L.A.

[Updated] “For a while, there was actually a rumor going around on the Internet that we’re from New Orleans,” say

Today, New Orleans' hard rock band Star and Dagger have released their first video, which references a nu

Somewhere along the way, a couple of 12-year-olds fooling around on guitars turned into a dynamic guitar-and-drums duo.