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Efforts to pull my thoughts on Treme now that it’s over into one unfied, coherent whole have come to naught, so here are a series of thought

Treme photo

[Spoiler Alert] I wonder if I would have felt less impatient with this week’s episode of

[Spoiler alert] The oddest element of this season of Treme so far is that the episodes don’t feel like they’re moving any c

[Spoiler Alert] Treme returned Sunday night for its final

Cover art for "Andy and his Grandmother"

Fight Night: Last week, Drag City released

Photo from Treme season 3

[Updated] [Spoiler Alert] "When people start thinking that money is the fuckin' answer, you get a whole 'nother set of problems,"

Image from season 3 of Treme.

[Updated] In my interview Saturday with Eric Overmyer, he

Photo of Michiel Huisman of Treme

"We are going to be back for a season 3.5," Treme producer David Simon announced Sa

The first look at the third season of the HBO series gives us Clint Maedgen, some new haircuts, and - yay! - the return of Nelson Hidalgo.

Not Treme news per se - The Wire news today. Maxim spaces out the photos of bikini girls this issue with an o