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On a star power level, this year’s Jazz Fest was soft. Its biggest names play casinos and theaters, not arenas.

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Trombone Shorty’s fest-closing set deserves to be the ritual that th

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Jack White will play the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shel

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It’s hard to imagine that Jack White will be able to lock up people’s phones when he plays Jazz Fest Sunday, May 6, but that is the plan

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Bantam Foxes (Friday, noon, Carnival) display a classic love of big,

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Our Freshly Spilt Milk Soundcloud playlist previews new music from White, Salva, Towkio, Sinderlyn, Summer Cannibals, Crizzly and more.

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My review of Jack White’s show Tuesday at the Saenger is

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Our highlights for the week ahead include Weekend Update's Colin Jost and the electropop of Heavenly Beat.

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This Week's Soundtrack features some classics from Miles Davis to Dylan covers while looking forward to upcoming shows from Jack White, Avey Tare and The Breton Sound covering Weezer.

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Last week, Jack White announced the June 10 release of his new album, Lazaretto. Yes

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It's South by Southwest in Austin, and across the street from a party hosted by an app developer, a well-dressed swing band is set up in a gravel p

Between Nashville and New Orleans, there’s a stretch of road that’s all too familiar to Nashville-based gritty Southern rock band

Photo of Say Anything at Voodoo by Cherie Lejeune

This year's Voodoo Experience is officially in the rear view mirror.

Photo of Lost Bayou Ramblers

Team Milk has reached consensus on three shows - Jack White, Royal Teeth, and The Lost Bayou Rambler

Before rock musicians began turning up their amplifiers as loud as they could and roaring into microphones, there was something like what Cha

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The Voodoo Experience has released its final lineup, which now includes Nas, Coheed a

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This week's Spotify playlist is inspired by the newest entry in Rhino's Single Notes series, Chuck Brown, Drew Brees and the new album by Twin Shadow.