kero kero kero bonito photo

British band Kero Kero Bonito took to Republic last Saturday, swaying between the ecstati

generationals photo

Members of Generationals have spoken in interviews about not feeli

Lucy Dacus

It’s difficult to stop an audience in its tracks with an unrecorded song, but Lucy Dacus has done it both

Of the hundreds of bands that played in Austin last week, only 14 New Orleans acts performed at official South By Southwest showcases.

belle and sebastian photo by steven hatley for my spilt milk

[Updated] When Stuart Murdoch sang, “We were on the outside looking in” Monday night at The Civic, he could have been a

Canadian indie pop big band Broken Social Scene could very easily be the punchline to a joke your alt uncle tells at Thanksgiving or the subject of

bully photo

Alicia Bognanno’s voice is a powerful instrument, raw as sushi and stuffed with endless ennui.

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A free, downloadable mixtape of Christmas music spanning the musical spectrum from wartime domestic pop to R&B to K-Pop to house.

minus 5 photo

Scott McCaughey’s songs for The Minus 5 rarely line up exactly.

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile photo

Our favorite things this week include "Lotta Sea Lice," a pro wrestling doc, nonbinary poetry, new jack pop, and the musical onset of dementia in six parts.

two door cinema show photo

The Irish indie rock band brought its festival-sized show to New Orleans last week.

kuwaisiana photo

Tonight the +Aziz-led band tops the bill at Siberia. Here's why you should be there

san fermin photo

Leader/composer Ellis Ludwig-Leone has worked to reveal more of his more personal side in the band's music.

royal teeth photo

[Jazz Fest emphasizes one element of rock band Royal Teeth's sound at the exp

motel radio photo

New Orleans' harmonies-heavy folk rock band formed in Baton Rouge to open for Rivers Cuomo and his band.

big freedia photo

Last week, we considered the place Christmas recordings occupy in the careers of artists, looking at

elysian feel photo

One Dylan refuses to be honored with a Nobel.

motel radio photo

Winston Triolo didn’t always want to make attractive music.

As summer draws to a close, crank up the AC and the volume and listen to this week's "Freshly Spilt Milk" with hot new tracks from old favorites including Speedy Ortiz and The Tallest Man On Earth, as well as promising new artists like Toy Cars and Space Mountain.

sweet crude critters cover art

Even numbers are a problem.

bantam foxes photo

Many bands still seem addicted to the major label-dictated album cycle that once prompted Prince to declare himself a slave.

hostelworld screen grab

50 Cent was notably absent from the 2016 Forbes Five after declaring bank

breton sound photo

The Breton Sound plays arena-sized rock in indie-sized rooms.

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This week's Freshly Spilt Milk new music playlist feaures music from Hinds, Stratus, Allen Stone, and more!

my spilt milk awards ar

[Updated] Early voting has started for March 5’s Louisiana Primary, and it is time to vote for the winners for

autograf photo

This week's Freshly Spilt Milk playlist includes new music from Autograf, Titus Andronicus, Deep Sea Diver, and Prince Rama, all of whom are coming to town.

exports photo for my spilt milk

Today, New Orleans rock band Exports debuted a new song, "Red Herring," through

wooden wings photo

Saturday night, NOLA Polar Express returns to The Publiq House to celebrate the season th

“I know you're waiting on my move tonight/hesitation/wait until the moment's right,” said no lothario ever.

bantam foxes photo

Bantam Foxes (Friday, noon, Carnival) display a classic love of big,

sweet crude photo

Galactic will host and headline The Landing, a new festival that takes plac

gardens and villa photo

A video on YouTube begins with a motormouthed “92.9, KJEE, SAN

boyfriend photo

This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new music by Todd Terry, Christian Rich, Branko, and Ezra Furman covering LCD Soundsystem.

elohim photo

This week's Freshly Spilt Milk previews a number of shows coming to New Orleans and includes new music from Pell, Dan Farber, Elohim, and Jacob Plant.

dodos photo

“I was so stressed,” recalls The Dodos' vocalist and guitarist Meric Long.

passion pit photo by patrick ainsworth

The Buku Music and Art Project returns to Mardi Gras World March 13 and 14, 2015, this tim

sweet crude photo

Wednesday night, Sweet Crude will play a pre-Thanksgiving show at


With the release of their eponymously titled sophomore album in January of this year, L.A. indie rock quartet Warpaint has been making the rounds.

Real Estate

“We wanted to make a really clean, really nice sounding album.

flosstadamus photo

Our picks for the week include the Mad Decent Block Party, Amanda Shires, the Polyphonic Spree, Carin's Proton Blast, and Nik Turner's Hawkwind.

Adam Schatz is not the kind of man for whom life is ever boring.

cardinal sons photo by Steven Hatley

There’s nothing sexy about pop/rock songs, but there’s also nothing like a song that stops whatever you’re doing and changes your mood.

Mannie Fresh photo

Our picks this week include a tribute to Mannie Fresh, Faster Pussycat, Cardinal Sons, MadFro, Sylvan Esso, and The Get Busy.

sundog photo

In the fall of 2012, indie electronic artist Sundog was one of the local musicians who partici

sunny day in glasgow photo by Steven Hatley

Photographer Steven Hatley shot the dream pop bands with roots in many cities, Glasgow not one of them.

bantam foxes photo

Indie rock band Bantam Foxes are music fans first.

bally who cover

The Bally Who? haven’t exhausted themselves, releasing three albums since 2005 including the n

Iska Dhaaf photo

“I think a climate like Seattle does lend itself to creative output,” says Ben Verdoes of Iska Dhaaf.

rotary down cover art

When Rotary Downs concluded its Jazz Fest set with a cover of Gary Numan's "Cars," the choice

Cardinal Sons photo

"The Milky Way" is a new My Spilt Milk recurring feature.

Vox and the Hound photo

(In 2012, Cherie LeJeune interviewed Vox and the Hound on the eve of the release of the band's debut album, Courage.

Brass Bed photo

Last summer, I talked to Brass Bed's Jonny Campos about the addition-by-subtraction process that led to

Photo of Gold and the Rush

It’s tough enough for a young band trying to make it in a new city, but add college, work, and the challenge of getting one’s foot in the door and

gardens and villa

Gardens & Villa's latest album was made in a vortex.

Photo of Gardens & Villa

The synth-heavy, flute toting indie-band performs Sunday at Gasa Gasa.

Mahayla photo

A Farfisa organ plays a circus melody behind an aggressively strummed acoustic guitar as Dave Fera and Yanti Turang sing, “I was a tosser / I nearl

Photo of CHAPPO

The indie band talks about their DIY attitude, performing live, and their upcoming album.

Ellie Goulding photo

The Flaming Lips, David Guetta, and Ellie Goulding top the bill of the 2014 Buku Music + Art Project, whic

The Internet has changed the way music is passed around and consumed.

"Complexity isn't necessarily an indicator of growth."

The Dodos photo

"I don't feel the change 'cause I'm living it all the time.

Bantam Foxes photo

Sam McCabe takes joy in explaining that his brother Collin started playing the violin when he was 8 because a teacher thought he had "issues."

Caged Animals photo

Vincent Cacchione probably isn't the first person to cry at a Jeff Mangum show.

Scout Niblett photo

There's a category of songwriting that resides in nearly all genres of music, a theme without borders. The “you'll be sorry when I'm gone” songs.

Young Guns still

[Updated] Later this year, indie rock band Cardinal Sons will head to New Y

Who do they sound like?

photo of Brass Bed

Lafayette's Brass Bed has received critical love for its new album, The Secret W

photo of Super Water Sympathy

Instead of going through the usual new band struggle of defining their sound, the members of Super Water S

photo of Sports & Leisure

[Updated] Sports & Leisure aren't in a hurry, and you can h

“Things start off so naked,” writes Trevor Powers of his psychedelic, lo-fi bedroom project

Photo of Young Buffalo

Nothing prepares you for coming over a rise and seeing fire trucks parked sideways on the I-10, feeding four lanes down to one.

Photo of Boats

Reviews of A Fairway Full of Miners reference the unusually high voice of the singer for Winnipeg's

Photo of Bantam Foxes

[Updated] Tomorrow, Bantam Foxes will release their new EP, Fascination

Photo of Generationals

Texture has always been one of the calling cards of Generationals, and the electronic sounds from last year's

“I would loosen the snares and pretend to play Jingle Bells,” says Jonathan Wooding of indie rock band

Photo of Menomena

Dynamics are a powerful thing, and Menomena knows it.

Photo of Vox and the Hound

Vox and the Hound are letting valuable promo time go to waste.

Photo of Generationals

New Orleans indie rock band Generationals return with a new electropop EP, "Lucky Numbers." Here's a first listen to the title track.

Photo of Dirty Projectors

I often buy the argument that using "indie" as a modifie

Photo of The Eastern Sea and Matt Hines.

I pushed one of Matt Hines' buttons.