ellis marsalis photo

"He went out the way he lived: embracing reality.”

cover art from alan moore and kevin o'neill's league of extraordinary gentlemen

The semi-wintry temperatures must be taking effect because all I’ve been wanting to do lately is cocoon myself into a ball of blankets o

lost bayou ramblers photo

A lot was good on Friday at Jazz Fest, but nothing was as mind-blowing as the

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Christmas music often comes with a strong undercurrent of nostalgia as the songs evoke times that seem simpler in retrospect.

wynton marsalis photo

Wynton Marsalis’ appearance this on The Washington Post’s podcast “

wynton marsalis photo

[Updated] Tuesday, Wynton Marsalis made news when he asserted that hip-hop is more harmful to African Americans than Co

adonis rose nojo 7 photo by erika goldring for my spilt milk

The NOJO 7 picked a good night for launch party.

trombone shorty photo

Trombone Shorty’s fest-closing set deserves to be the ritual that th

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Since Joe Dyson was a teenager at NOCCA, he has been one of The Drumme

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Friday at Jazz Fest was a lesson in context.

terrace martin photo

Terrace Martin’s set felt like it was just getting started when he brought it to

nojo photo

In his best days with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (NOJO), Victor Atkins could

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Wednesday night’s highlights in New Orleans include guitarist

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In recent years, Jazz Fest at night has been a jam fest, and that’s certainly going on.

big freedia photo

Big Freedia received a rock star’s reception when she played Jazz Fes

saturday's jazz fest schedule

Saturday at Jazz Fest, Rod Stewart tags in for Aretha Franklin. I give St

Bubble Bath Records logo

Some believe that starting a record label in 2018 is a

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When you Google “Mr. Hands,” the Wikipedia entry “Enumclaw horse sex case” is the first link, followed by the entry for Mr.

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Jazz, like light, changes every time you look at it.

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“How many of y’all drink 151?” asked Stephen “Thund

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“But recently I began to feel that maybe I wouldn’t be able to do what I want to do and need to do with American musicians, who are

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[Updated There are limits to what I expect from

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In an encore presentation, the Frenchmen Street singer reveals how opera indirectly pushed her toward jazz before she plays Jazz Fest today.

Maroon 5 photo

What are the reasons to be excited by the lineup for the New Orleans Jazz an

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Funk/jazz/rock band Naughty Professor had a good 2016, and the band’s bas

When you think of a music festival in 2016, an abandoned post office doesn’t generally come to mind, so when I learned that Houston’s second annual

big freedia christmas art

“Let’s get everyone super-fucking-Christmas-y,” Chris Hardwick said to start in interview with Zoe Deschanel and M.

emily's d+evolution art

The Faux/Real Festival grew out of New Orleans Fringe Festival, and it kicks off

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[Updated] At a time when Spotify, Tidal, Pandora and Apple Music are competing to see who can algorithmically individua

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David Kunian is trying to find out what he’s got.

trapper keaper photo

Trapper Keaper presents Will Thompson and Marcell

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The debate after the Grammys focused on Lady Gaga’s frenetic tribute to David Bowie, while singer

my spilt milk awards ar

[Updated] Early voting has started for March 5’s Louisiana Primary, and it is time to vote for the winners for

the revelers photo

The nominations for the Grammys were announced on Monday, and South Louisiana was ligh

lake street dive photo

When describing Lake Street Dive to a friend, I compared them jokingly to

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This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new music from Infuze, Sun Club, Rastronaut, Young Romance, and more.

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Today, French Quarter Festivals Inc. (FQFI) sent out a press release titled, "The 15th Anniversary S

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“I’ve been watching the news all morning, and I’m waiting for the word thug to come up and it hasn’t.”

juvenile photo by chelsea dunn

[Updated]  Rain battered the Fair Grounds for a second day, and a prolonged midday rain turned

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Even with the best-intentioned audiences, The Wee Trio changes its set to play fest

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[Updated] It's easy as music lovers to get lost in the romance of music and miss the financial realities of a life spent making mu

AF the Naysayer photo

In 2013, “Dolo Jazz Suite” events started showing up on Facebook.

[Updated] Red Baraat sometimes gets narrowly defined as making "world" or "ethn

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This year, the Panorama Jazz Band began recording and releasing a song online, free to t

irvin mayfield photo

Musically, Irvin Mayfield often leaves no doubt of his talent, but

tim green photo

Last night, a clearly rattled, distraught Facebook post (since taken down) announced the death of saxophone player Tim Green.

jalc photo

Ellis Marsalis contributed a curious, needed moment in Wynton Marsalis' Sunday night show at the Saenger, according to guest reviewer Brian Boyles.

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It’s not clear that the world needed another female vocalist singing jazz standards, and it’s really unclear that New Orleans was underserved in th

sun ra cover art

Thursday would have been the 100th birthday for jazz futurist Sun Ra had he lived that l

Jon batiste photo

When Jon Batiste appeared on Treme as a member of Delmond Lambreaux’s band, it was hard

Langford painting

This year's Jazz Fest nightlife isn't as jam-heavy as previous years have been.

Soulive photo

During Jazz Fest 2013, Soulive played The Howlin' Wolf as part of the Royal

HIP Fest poster art

HIP Fest was the brain child of New Orleans-based drummer Marcello Benetti. He felt that t

Photo of Robin Barnes

[Updated] For New Orleans’ Robin Barnes, life has been exciting since th

cover art for "We Partyin' Traditional Style"r

[Updated]  My relationship to Kermit Ruffins' music is co

Photo of Nicholas Payton

I don't get usually involved in genre-definition conversations, partly because when asked what they make, most musicians will say "music" instead o

Cover art for Jason Marsalis' "In a World of Mallets"

In 2010, Jason Marsalis kicked a jazz anthill when he half-jokingly riffed on video about "

Photo of Baars-Henneman Duo

The Open Ears Series has presented weekly improvised music shows for fi

Photo of Victor Wooten
"Ohhh, I hit a baby deer."

Cover art for Preservation Hall Jazz Band's "St. Peter and 57th"

Last year, Preservation Hall and the jazz band that bears its name celebrated 50 yea

Cover image of the New Orleans Helsinki Connection album Paradise on Earth

Jonathan Lethem goes Dick on The Talking Heads, The New Orleans Helsinki Connection needs some new records, and Graceland's still great even though Paul Simon doesn't get it.

Swedish adventurous jazz combo The Thing collaborated with Neneh Cherry, whose roots in the