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Last Tuesday, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shell announ

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Two more shoes dropped in New Orleans as French Quarter Festival and the Buku Music + Art Project announced that they are postponing the

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[Updated] "In cooperation with city and state officials and local tourism agencies, the Festival is monitoring the situ

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Jazz Fest producer Quint Davis introduced the festival-closing set by saying that three acts had closed the fest on what is now the Acur

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Jazz Fest season sees the annual return of followers of all things Grateful Dead to New Orleans as the festival and its accompanying nightlife stil

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Reviews of Diana Ross and Tank and the Bangas at Jazz Fest Saturday, and picks for Sunday to close out the festival.

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A lot was good on Friday at Jazz Fest, but nothing was as mind-blowing as the

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The most compelling music during Jazz Fest’s first weekend came in the Cultural Exchange Pavilion, where

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I was thinking a lot this weekend about things you never see at Jazz Fest, and I got two more on Sunday.

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Think of Thursday at a test drive for this year’s Jazz Fest.

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Think you know Jazz Fest? Prove it and play “Quint for a Day.”

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What are the reasons to be excited by the lineup for the New Orleans Jazz an

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The returns of Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, Maroon 5 and the focus on the music of Cuba are the news in the lineup for the 2017

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My last days of Jazz Fest were as odd as the days themselves.

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Saturday ended with a number of impromptu water features on the Fair Grounds.

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After a Jazz Fest that has had an unusual number of performers late to the stage, it was a pleasant surprise to see

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The 50 percent chance of rain for the day is not encouraging, but schedule for Saturday at Jazz Fest makes the gamble worth it.

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The consensus seems to be that Elvis Costello killed Thursday at J

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Yesterday a friend said that many of his best Jazz Fest moments came during the rain, and I get that.

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For me, Jazz Fest gets real when the choices get tough, and by that metric, the festival really starts Thursday at about 2:30.

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Kvetching about Jazz Fest is a spring tradition as beloved as cobbling together a Mardi Gras costume on Lundi Gras night.

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Bluntly, there's too much to do during Jazz Fest. Too many bands, too many possibilities, too many things that might be cool.

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Everything is relative. At a Lollapalooza or a rock festival, Red Hot Chili Peppers are funky. At Jazz Fest, they’re a rock band.

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I have the highest hopes for today at Jazz Fest. With the exception of Janelle Monae, this first weekend has lacked musical urgency.

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It’s hard to know what to think of Mardi Gras Indians in 2016.

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Jazz Fest 2016  began with Goldman Thibodeaux and the Lawtell Playboys, Thibodeaux dressed for Saturday night on Friday morning.

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Friday was a slightly soft start to Jazz Fest.

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Janelle Monae plays Jazz Fest's Congo Square Stage today at 5:25 p.m.

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Bluntly, there's too much to do during Jazz Fest. Too many bands, too many possibilities, too many things that might be cool.

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Last night, the conversation centered on what

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Pearl Jam will play Jazz Fest Saturday (Acura Stage, 4:30 p.m.), and the band was schedule

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As a part of The New Orleans Advocate’s coverage of the crowd on the second Saturday of Jazz Fest this year,

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[Updated] Jazz Fest 2015 is over, and the approximately 460,000 people made it the best-attended post-Katrina Jazz Fest

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Photographer Patrick Ainsworth was busy during Jazz Fest and the nights during it.

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[Updated] The attendance Saturday at Jazz Fest wasn’t a record despite the speculation of some outlets, which gives tho

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If Saturday's crowd at Jazz Fest wasn't record-breaking, it was at least enough to make eve

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Thursday was a true locals day, with short, friendly lines, and shows you could get close to if you wanted.

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I reviewed the 40th anniversary reissue of Elton John's 1973 classic Goodbye Yellow Brick Road last year.

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After looking forward to a day of discoveries at Jazz Fest Friday, I ended up missing both Paloma Faith and Gurrumul. I hope to do better Saturday. Last year The Soul Rebels played one of my favorite sets, so I look foward to them and Big Freedia, the latter because bounce artists rarely do more than 20 minutes on their own, so I want to see if Freedia can make a full show out of the sound.

Davell Crawford has a history of being flighty, but I'm hopeful for his tribute to Fats Domino. Crawford's a dazzling pianist, but Fats' songs call less for techincal acompishment than commitment to Domino's directness. 

Although Taj Mahal remains on the schedule, he's out due to illness. Big Sam's Funky nation was rained out last week, so he'll take Mahal's spot.

Make sure you drop in Economy Hall at some point. I often grab my first bite of the day there and put on sunscreen, and that served me well yesterday when I lucked in Tom Sancton's band. Tomorrow I expect I'll hear Connie Jones over breakfast.

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Mardi Gras is the source from which all things flow in New Orleans, and Jazz Fest is perhaps its most important product.

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Thursday was a beautiful day to be at the Fair Grounds, and Friday promises to be just as nice.

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Last summer, we rant this story on Americana artist Amanda Shires, who plays Jazz Fest's Fais-Do-Do Stage today at 4:25 p.m.

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There was a time when the Jazz Fest lineup announcement was met with complaints over opportunities missed.

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What’s up with Pitbull and his tongue?

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We should get a break from the rain today, and while I don't need the heat and mugginess, the Fair Grounds do. 

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When Luke Winslow-King released his second Bloodshot Records album, Everlasting Arms, we talked about his relationship to the blues.

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[Updated]  Rain battered the Fair Grounds for a second day, and a prolonged midday rain turned

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Friday at Jazz Fest ended early, more for the threat of rain than what actually show

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One of my measures of a Jazz Fest set is whether or not it holds me until the end.

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Tank and the Bangas play Jazz Fest's Gentilly Stage Saturday morning at 11:

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Even with the best-intentioned audiences, The Wee Trio changes its set to play fest

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Mumford & Sons strummed, stomped, and ho-heyed their way through Top 40, and helped draw attention to an Americana music community that is as h

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Duz Mancini was the last band member standing.

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[Updated] Two weeks ago, I wrote about the opening of

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To the surprise of nobody who noticed a gap in the routing for The Who’s North American tour, The Who will be one of the headliners in this year’s

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During Jazz Fest, picks and are closer to a wish list than a plan.

Public Enemy.

Seminal hip-hop outfit Public Enemy was not always the media darling it is today.

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Today, my story on singer Debbie Davis and her new album, Linger 'Til Dawn

Jazz Fest 2013 poster

"The look-forward-to-it-ness is more than I can ever remember," Quint Davis announced today at the press conference to unveil the poster and schedu

[Updated] “For a while, there was actually a rumor going around on the Internet that we’re from New Orleans,” say