lizzo photo

Last Tuesday, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shell announ

french quarter fest photo

Two more shoes dropped in New Orleans as French Quarter Festival and the Buku Music + Art Project announced that they are postponing the

rage against the machine press photo

Like Jazz Fest and French Quarter Festival’s organizers, we’re still monitoring the situation.

jazz fest photo of revivalists by patrick ainsworth for my spilt milk in new orleans

[Updated] "In cooperation with city and state officials and local tourism agencies, the Festival is monitoring the situ

the who photo by rick guest

A look ahead at the upcoming Jazz Fest including notes, video previews, ticket prices and day rankings. What are the best days at the Fair Grounds this year?

michelle obama photo

This past weekend, Essence Festival celebrated its 25th anniversary, and

dr. john photo

Dr. John’s most enduring mode was translator of New Orleans.

trombone shorty photo

Jazz Fest producer Quint Davis introduced the festival-closing set by saying that three acts had closed the fest on what is now the Acur

bob weir photo for my spilt milk by erika goldring

Jazz Fest season sees the annual return of followers of all things Grateful Dead to New Orleans as the festival and its accompanying nightlife stil

diana ross photo

Reviews of Diana Ross and Tank and the Bangas at Jazz Fest Saturday, and picks for Sunday to close out the festival.

lost bayou ramblers photo

A lot was good on Friday at Jazz Fest, but nothing was as mind-blowing as the

mavis staples photo

The most compelling music during Jazz Fest’s first weekend came in the Cultural Exchange Pavilion, where

j balvin photo

I was thinking a lot this weekend about things you never see at Jazz Fest, and I got two more on Sunday.

curren$y photo

Music is only part of the story at Jazz Fest, which is part of why covering it is so interesting.

lulu and the broadsides screen shot

Think of Thursday at a test drive for this year’s Jazz Fest.

In the land of the underdog story, Mdou Moctar is king.

jazz fest announcement screen shot

New Orleans has spent the weekend

jazz fest schedule screen shot

Think you know Jazz Fest? Prove it and play “Quint for a Day.”

rolling stones photo

Before Tuesday’s announcement of the lineup for the 50th anniversary edition of the

jon batiste photo

Had David Byrne not followed him on the Gentilly Stage, Jon Batiste’s set with the Dap-Kings would have been

Queens of the Stone Age photo by Erika Goldring for My Spilt Milk

The jam wave that followed Phish’s first appearance at Jazz Fest changed New Orleans’ nightlife during the festival, for years turning i

rolling stones photo

On a star power level, this year’s Jazz Fest was soft. Its biggest names play casinos and theaters, not arenas.

trombone shorty photo

Trombone Shorty’s fest-closing set deserves to be the ritual that th

aerosmith photo

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler clearly has no plans to grow old gracefully.

joe dyson photo by greg miles for my spilt milk

Since Joe Dyson was a teenager at NOCCA, he has been one of The Drumme

tank and the bangas photo

Friday at Jazz Fest was a lesson in context.

jazz fest schedule

Saturday at Jazz Fest ends with Cage the Elephant and Aerosmith opposite each o

terrace martin photo

Terrace Martin’s set felt like it was just getting started when he brought it to

jazz fest schedule

For me, the stretch from 12:25 to 5:25 p.m. Friday is what makes a good Jazz Fest.

nojo photo

In his best days with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (NOJO), Victor Atkins could

79rs gang photo by greg miles for my spilt milk

This time last year, I reviewed The 79rs Gang at Jazz Fest: 

smoking time jazz club photo

The Frenchmen Street swing/trad jazz scene can sometimes feel like it wants to be boldly rooted in tradition, but musical archaeology doesn't fill

james blood ulmer photo

Wednesday night’s highlights in New Orleans include guitarist

beach house photo

In recent years, Jazz Fest at night has been a jam fest, and that’s certainly going on.

the darkness photo

This first weekend of Jazz Fest 2018 is in the books, and while little music on the weekend was memorable, the weather and small to mode

david byrne photo

[Updated] This first weekend of Jazz Fest will be remembered—to the degree that it will be remembered at all—for its ex

big freedia photo

Big Freedia received a rock star’s reception when she played Jazz Fes

sunday jazz fest schedule

The first weekend of Jazz Fest ends with two interesting choices (sorry—in my mind, Jimmy Buffett isn’t one of them).

helen gillet photo by greg miles for my spilt milk

Helen Gillet’s Jazz Fest shows present a fascinating challenge.

leslie odom jr. photo by alex rawls for my spilt milk

Friday was as pleasant a start to Jazz Fest 2018 as you could imagine.

saturday's jazz fest schedule

Saturday at Jazz Fest, Rod Stewart tags in for Aretha Franklin. I give St

aurora nealand photo by greg miles for my spilt milk

[Updated We’ll see only part of what Aurora Nealand can do

friday's jazz fest schedule

Friday’s schedule is typical of this year’s Jazz Fest.

Leslie Odom Jr

Leslie Odom Jr. comes to New Orleans in a key moment of hi

sona jobarteh photo

So far, the New Orleans Tricentennial has been a subtle affair.

miseducation of lauryn hill cover art

[Updated] It’s a tribute to the enduring power of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill that 20 years after its releas

jack white photo

Jack White will play the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shel

jack white photo

It’s hard to imagine that Jack White will be able to lock up people’s phones when he plays Jazz Fest Sunday, May 6, but that is the plan

79rs gang's jermaine bossier photo by alex rawls for my spilt milk

According to a 2015 infographic published by

los van van photo

Some Jazz Fest thoughts don’t fit in daily wrap-ups. Here are a few, some mattering more than others:

trombone shorty photo

The annual nature of Jazz Fest makes it a perfect time to reflect on how things have changed--not just how the festival or the grounds h

tank and the bangas photo

On Saturday at Jazz Fest, Tank and the Bangas didn’t give an inch.

earth wind and fire photo

[Updated There are limits to what I expect from

miss sophie lee photo

In an encore presentation, the Frenchmen Street singer reveals how opera indirectly pushed her toward jazz before she plays Jazz Fest today.

broven book cover art

Writer John Swenson has argued that the change many feel in Jazz Fest has more to do with the passing of the generation of artists who d

pj morton photo by greg miles for my spilt milk

P.J. Morton has had his feet in a number of musical streams.

dale watson photo

[Revised] Men in the crowd Thursday at Jazz Fest envied Date Wats

gente de zona photo

Most of my Sunday coverage including reviews of Lorde and Tom Petty is online at

southside johnny photo

For Bruce Springsteen, being a bar band was a starting point; for Southside Johnny Lyons, it was a destination.

mokoomba photo

First Friday felt more like Locals Thursday at Jazz Fest yesterday.

dj shub photo

DJ Shub makes an unlikely return to Jazz Fest Friday.

nas photo

A lot has changed for Nas since his last full-length release, Life is Good, in 2012.

boyfriend photo

Boyfriend didn’t overthink the title of her new EP, Next, but

travers geoffray photo

Mississippi Rail Company took a game stab at classic New Orleans R&B along with a number of related southern, piano-driven R&B s

bob weir photo for my spilt milk by erika goldring

The jam band wave that first hit Jazz Fest when Phish first performed 1996 and resurged yearly since owes everything to The Grateful Dead.

trombone shorty photo

When the British department store Boots excavated Ernie K-Doe’s “Here Come the Girls” for its

Maroon 5 photo

What are the reasons to be excited by the lineup for the New Orleans Jazz an

stevie wonder photo by Cherie LeJeune

The returns of Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, Maroon 5 and the focus on the music of Cuba are the news in the lineup for the 2017

fro-yo ma art

As a last look at 2016, here are our highlights from the past year.

Today, a lawsuit was filed against AEG Live and the

neil young photo

My last days of Jazz Fest were as odd as the days themselves.

jazz fest schedule art by my spilt milk

Saturday ended with a number of impromptu water features on the Fair Grounds.

ms. lauryn hill photo

After a Jazz Fest that has had an unusual number of performers late to the stage, it was a pleasant surprise to see

saturday schedule art

The 50 percent chance of rain for the day is not encouraging, but schedule for Saturday at Jazz Fest makes the gamble worth it.

elvis costello allen toussaint photo

The consensus seems to be that Elvis Costello killed Thursday at J

jazz fest schedule art by my spilt milk

Yesterday a friend said that many of his best Jazz Fest moments came during the rain, and I get that.

thursday schedule art by my spilt milk

For me, Jazz Fest gets real when the choices get tough, and by that metric, the festival really starts Thursday at about 2:30.

grace potter jazz fest photo by patrick ainsworth for my spilt milk

Kvetching about Jazz Fest is a spring tradition as beloved as cobbling together a Mardi Gras costume on Lundi Gras night.

jon batiste photo

Bluntly, there's too much to do during Jazz Fest. Too many bands, too many possibilities, too many things that might be cool.

j. cole photo by patrick ainsworth for my spilt milk

Everything is relative. At a Lollapalooza or a rock festival, Red Hot Chili Peppers are funky. At Jazz Fest, they’re a rock band.

jazz fest schedule art by my spilt milk

I have the highest hopes for today at Jazz Fest. With the exception of Janelle Monae, this first weekend has lacked musical urgency.

cha wa photo

It’s hard to know what to think of Mardi Gras Indians in 2016.

janelle monae photo by patrick ainsworth for my spilt milk

Jazz Fest 2016  began with Goldman Thibodeaux and the Lawtell Playboys, Thibodeaux dressed for Saturday night on Friday morning.

jazz fest schedule art by my spilt milk

Friday was a slightly soft start to Jazz Fest.

janelle monae photo

Janelle Monae plays Jazz Fest's Congo Square Stage today at 5:25 p.m.

big freedia photo

Bluntly, there's too much to do during Jazz Fest. Too many bands, too many possibilities, too many things that might be cool.

jazz fest schedule art by my spilt milk

Last night, the conversation centered on what

pearl jam photo

Pearl Jam will play Jazz Fest Saturday (Acura Stage, 4:30 p.m.), and the band was schedule

trapper keaper photo

Trapper Keaper presents Will Thompson and Marcell

human highway still

Neil Young will play the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shell o

allen toussaint photo

New Orleans has lost more than most know in the passing of Allen Toussaint.

homage book cover photo

In the months after Hurricane Katrina, I remember talking to a writer who speculated that it would be more than a decade before The T

lawn chair photo

As a part of The New Orleans Advocate’s coverage of the crowd on the second Saturday of Jazz Fest this year,

ed sheeran photo by erika goldring

[Updated] Jazz Fest 2015 is over, and the approximately 460,000 people made it the best-attended post-Katrina Jazz Fest

mannie fresh photo by patrick ainsworth

Photographer Patrick Ainsworth was busy during Jazz Fest and the nights during it.

ed sheeran photo by erika goldring

[Updated] The attendance Saturday at Jazz Fest wasn’t a record despite the speculation of some outlets, which gives tho

jazz fest schedule

If Saturday's crowd at Jazz Fest wasn't record-breaking, it was at least enough to make eve

gwen stefani photo by erika goldring

Thursday was a true locals day, with short, friendly lines, and shows you could get close to if you wanted.

goodbye yellow brick road cover art

I reviewed the 40th anniversary reissue of Elton John's 1973 classic Goodbye Yellow Brick Road last year.

jazz fest schedule

After looking forward to a day of discoveries at Jazz Fest Friday, I ended up missing both Paloma Faith and Gurrumul. I hope to do better Saturday. Last year The Soul Rebels played one of my favorite sets, so I look foward to them and Big Freedia, the latter because bounce artists rarely do more than 20 minutes on their own, so I want to see if Freedia can make a full show out of the sound.

Davell Crawford has a history of being flighty, but I'm hopeful for his tribute to Fats Domino. Crawford's a dazzling pianist, but Fats' songs call less for techincal acompishment than commitment to Domino's directness. 

Although Taj Mahal remains on the schedule, he's out due to illness. Big Sam's Funky nation was rained out last week, so he'll take Mahal's spot.

Make sure you drop in Economy Hall at some point. I often grab my first bite of the day there and put on sunscreen, and that served me well yesterday when I lucked in Tom Sancton's band. Tomorrow I expect I'll hear Connie Jones over breakfast.

revivalists photo by patrick ainsworth

Mardi Gras is the source from which all things flow in New Orleans, and Jazz Fest is perhaps its most important product.

jazz fest schedule

Thursday was a beautiful day to be at the Fair Grounds, and Friday promises to be just as nice.

amanda shires photo

Last summer, we rant this story on Americana artist Amanda Shires, who plays Jazz Fest's Fais-Do-Do Stage today at 4:25 p.m.

tony bennett lady gaga photo by patrick ainsworth

There was a time when the Jazz Fest lineup announcement was met with complaints over opportunities missed.

pitbull photo by chelsea dunn

What’s up with Pitbull and his tongue?

jazz fest schedule

We should get a break from the rain today, and while I don't need the heat and mugginess, the Fair Grounds do. 

luke winslow king photo by greg miles

When Luke Winslow-King released his second Bloodshot Records album, Everlasting Arms, we talked about his relationship to the blues.

juvenile photo by chelsea dunn

[Updated]  Rain battered the Fair Grounds for a second day, and a prolonged midday rain turned

lagbaja photo by chelsea dunn

Friday at Jazz Fest ended early, more for the threat of rain than what actually show

jazz fest schedule

One of my measures of a Jazz Fest set is whether or not it holds me until the end.

tank and the bangas photo

Tank and the Bangas play Jazz Fest's Gentilly Stage Saturday morning at 11:

wee trio photo

Even with the best-intentioned audiences, The Wee Trio changes its set to play fest

shovels and rope photo

Mumford & Sons strummed, stomped, and ho-heyed their way through Top 40, and helped draw attention to an Americana music community that is as h

coyotes photo by greg miles

Duz Mancini was the last band member standing.

ministry photo

New Orleans’ clubs are dominated by jams, funk, and feel good music during Jazz Fest.

jacobsen book cover

In memory of Tom Jacobsen, we're re-running my interview with him about "The New Orleans Jazz Scene 1970-2000: A Personal Retrospective" and his agenda-free approach to sorting out who's who.

anders osborne photo

Anders Osborne has spent much of the spring touring with the North Mississippi Allstars

Quintron music box photo

[Updated] Two weeks ago, I wrote about the opening of

lambert and stamp still

The Who will make a rare festival appearance when they play Jazz Fest Saturday, April 25,

wilco photo

On Friday, April 24, Wilco will close the Gentilly Stage at the end of the opening day of t

dj snake photo

In a stark stroke of counterprogramming, Hard Events announced this morning that goHa

white eagles video grab

It’s hard to imagine what musicologist Alan Lomax

lenny kravitz photo

America can relax. The speculation is over.

they call us wild cover

Yesterday, Bo Dollis, Big Chief of The Wild Magnolias, died after a prolonged battle with ill health.

the who photo

To the surprise of nobody who noticed a gap in the routing for The Who’s North American tour, The Who will be one of the headliners in this year’s

foo fighters photo by patrick ainsworth

It was bad enough that The Tontons couldn't play loudly enough to keep

buddy guy photo by patrick ainsworth

This year's Jazz Fest night time schedule was less jammy than in years past.

aaron neville photo by patrick ainsworth

On Sunday, photographer Patrick Ainsworth shot the last day of Jazz Fest, and here are his highlights.

arcade fire photo by chelsea dunn

My brain tells me that the two biggest stories in New Orleans music right now are Hurray for the Riff Raff and

Glen David Andrews photo

“I had to humble myself not only to sobriety but to making this record.”

Bobby Womack photo

Bobby Womack’s career had started by the time he was 10, and he has been in the public eye sin

LWK photo by Greg Miles

We're pleased to welcome photographer Greg Miles to the My Spilt Milk family.

Bruce Springsteen photo

Well before he took the stage shortly after 4:15 p.m., Saturday at Jazz Fest was about Bruce Springsteen.

Jon batiste photo

When Jon Batiste appeared on Treme as a member of Delmond Lambreaux’s band, it was hard

Alexis & the Samurai

New Orleans-native Alexis Marceaux, whose name you may recognize from her stint on NBC’s The Voice, hit her stride with her sophomore albu

Cardinal Sons photo

"The Milky Way" is a new My Spilt Milk recurring feature.

Langford painting

This year's Jazz Fest nightlife isn't as jam-heavy as previous years have been.

Vampire Weekend photo by Patrick Ainsworth

Last Sunday at Jazz Fest, Vampire Weekend looked even preppier than ever, and Eric Clapton brought a healthy dose of reser

Truth Universal photo

Thursday, rapper Truth Universal and DJ E.F. Cuttin play the Congo Square Stage at 11:15 a.m.

Hurray for the Riff Raff

Recently, I wrote American Songwriter's

Arcade Fire photo

After all the rain and muck of Jazz Fest 2013, it was a relief to have good weather at the

rick james photo

Jazz Fest at night has become a time for jam funk and one-time-only shows, and one of the more entertaining ideas is Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe sp

Vampire Weekend photo

Sunday’s final sets at Jazz Fest couldn’t have been more different.

Arcade Fire

A second weekend of Jazz Fest and the too-many-to-count shows surrounding it feature sets from Arcade Fire, the Boss, Charles Bradley and many more.

Robin Thicke photo

Any fears that Phish fans would once again descend on New Orlean

The Mavericks photo

(Last year's set by The Mavericks at Jazz Fest was one of the festival's most joyous, so when the band returned to New Orleans last October to

Laura Mvula photo

Backseat drivers have many ideas about what Jazz Fest should do differently, some of which

Vox and the Hound photo

(In 2012, Cherie LeJeune interviewed Vox and the Hound on the eve of the release of the band's debut album, Courage.

rotary downs

New Orleans indie rock outfit Rotary Downs has kept New Orleans as a home base for the decade

Jason Isbell photo

During Jazz Fest, picks and are closer to a wish list than a plan.

Public Enemy.

Seminal hip-hop outfit Public Enemy was not always the media darling it is today.

Dirty Dozen photo

In 2011, film footage from folklorist Alan Lomax's 1982 visit to New Orleans was put online at the

public enemy

This Week's Soundtrack focuses on Jazz Fest's first weekend and coinciding shows around town.

Jason Isbell photo

I'd hoped that we'd have an interview with songwriter and guitarist Jason Isbell before he

Debbie Davis photo

Today, my story on singer Debbie Davis and her new album, Linger 'Til Dawn

Vampire Weekend photo

We look forward to the announcement of the talent lineup for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage

Thankfully, the conditions stopped being a story at Jazz Fest Saturday.

photo of Willie Nelson

Thursday's rain on top of last weekend's rain on top of this week's rain left the Fair Grounds such a mess that opening Friday was delayed an hour

photo of Fleetwood Mac

Friday's Jazz Fest schedule underwent some major changes as early sets were compressed bec

photo of Patti Smith

It looks like we may be finished with the rain, but Thursday it took it's toll on me, partly in the constant donning and shedding of rain gear, of

photo of Sasha Masakowski

[This weekend, a number of artists playing Jazz Fest have contributed Spotify playlists.

photo of Pokey LaFarge

It's South by Southwest in Austin, and across the street from a party hosted by an app developer, a well-dressed swing band is set up in a gravel p

photo of The Mercy Brothers

[My Spilt Milk has asked a number of artists performing this weekend to select playlists of music that is meaningful to them.

photo of Dee-1

[My Spilt Milk has asked a number of artists performing this weekend to select playlists of music that is meaningful to them.

photo of Cheick Hamala Diabate

This weekend, griot Cheick Hamala Diabate will be in New Orleans, not to play Jazz Fest but

photo of B.B. King by David Fary

Audiences at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival have a love/hate relationship with rain.

photo of Frank Ocean

Does Jazz Fest need extreme weather to really get good?

photo of Calexico at Jazz Fest

[Updated] Sunday, it was officially Jazz Fest.

Photo of Anders Osborne at Jazz Fest by David Fary

Yesterday, we talked at length about the first Friday of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival including Dr.

photo of Lil Buck Sinegal by David Fary

[Updated] Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is the most current version of the modern sound that Jazz Fest lives as an unspoken antidot

“People always move retroactively,” says Travers Geoffray of rhythm-and-blues quartet

It’s a big week for New Orleans rock ‘n’ roll four-piece The Breton Sound

Photo of Alex McMurray

Alex McMurray is healthily cautious talking about himself.

Photo of Nick Spitzer

April 20 brings a day of weed-influenced music, and the rest of the week brings the first signs of Jazz Fest - bands that don't usually play together.

Charles Bradley is an old school soul man, musically baptized by James Brown when he wa

Photo of John Michael Rouchell

MyNameIsJohnMichael has been conspicuously quiet recently, perhaps because front man and songwriter

Photo of Fleetwood Mac

One of the toughest choices at Jazz Fest this year will come Saturday, May 4 when Fleetwood Mac, Phoenix, and Frank Ocean perform opposite each oth

Jazz Fest 2013 poster

"The look-forward-to-it-ness is more than I can ever remember," Quint Davis announced today at the press conference to unveil the poster and schedu

Cover art for "Get an Understanding"

In my last years at OffBeat, I became reluctant to review or run comments on Gospel Tent performances during Jazz Fest.

Photo of Fleetwood Mac

The reunited Fleetwood Mac, Maroon 5, and New Orleans-raised R&B star Frank Ocean are among the biggest names signed to play at the