erykah badu screen shot

My installment of our “Pandemic Playlist” series starts with New Orleans’ Fiend in his International Jones mode because when I feel apoc

New Orleans 79rs gang photo for my spilt milk

The new single from New Orleans' 79rs Gang gives us Mardi Gras Indian music that makes sense for 2020.

zack villere photo and cardboard city cover art for new orleans My Spilt Milk

 “What would you do if I made this for you?”

cover art from alan moore and kevin o'neill's league of extraordinary gentlemen

The semi-wintry temperatures must be taking effect because all I’ve been wanting to do lately is cocoon myself into a ball of blankets o

delish da goddess photo for my spilt milk new orleans by shoog mcdaniel

[Updated] “Bye America,” the newest music video from Delish Da

the who photo by rick guest

A look ahead at the upcoming Jazz Fest including notes, video previews, ticket prices and day rankings. What are the best days at the Fair Grounds this year?

alfred banks screen shot

Rapper Alfred Banks pays tribute to artist Andy Warhol in his new video f

Sheck Wes photo by Steven Hatley for My Spilt Milk

Voodoo 2019 felt an exercise in denial. 

dj nice rack photo

Michelle Currier performs as DJ Nice Rack, and she is indebted to New Orle

rising star fife and drums band photo

We're pleased to present the studio debut of "In the Morning," which updates the fife and drum tradition for a hip-hop world.

af the naysayer photo and parts cover art

In a My Spilt Milk exclusive, the producer explains the roots and process for the songs on his most recent EP.

j balvin photo

I was thinking a lot this weekend about things you never see at Jazz Fest, and I got two more on Sunday.

curren$y photo

Music is only part of the story at Jazz Fest, which is part of why covering it is so interesting.

lana del rey at buku photo by aLive Coverage

It was 15 minutes before she was scheduled to come on and the crowd was already chanting Lana Del Rey’s

lil jodeci photo

“All this shit goes together at the end of the day,” said local DJ/Producer Lil Jodeci

The Internet photo

I saw The Internet almost exactly one month before its performance i

Lizzo Photo

It is disrespectful to describe Lizzo as “only” anything.

kanye west snl art

Kanye West is the last old school rock star. Who else will go to the same crazy extremes?

noname photo by steph catsoulis for my spilt milk

Noname is masterfully ambiguous and undefinable, but on her new album, Room 25

jonathan brown photo

“One of the premises of the album is that it’s cool to be yourself.” 

fiend and slangston hughes photos

This week, I interviewed rapper/activist Slangston Hughes for

janet jackson photo

{Updated] Keeping the fans in the Superdome has been a challenge for the acts that close the Essence Festival, but

wynton marsalis photo

Wynton Marsalis’ appearance this on The Washington Post’s podcast “

wynton marsalis photo

[Updated] Tuesday, Wynton Marsalis made news when he asserted that hip-hop is more harmful to African Americans than Co

jazz fest schedule

Saturday at Jazz Fest ends with Cage the Elephant and Aerosmith opposite each o

terrace martin photo

Terrace Martin’s set felt like it was just getting started when he brought it to

miseducation of lauryn hill cover art

[Updated] It’s a tribute to the enduring power of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill that 20 years after its releas

sza photo by steph catsoulis for my spilt milk

Buku 2018 was a bit of a dumpster fire.

alison wonderland photo

The Buku Project starts Friday at Mardi Gras World with perhaps its most on-tim

jeremih and chance the rapper cover art

Three days before Christmas 2016, Jeremih and Chance the Rapper dropped Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama—a mixtape that had all the hall

soul rebels photo by sam weil for my spilt milk

The Soul Rebels are the needle that has successfully risen to the top of New

bird and the bee photo

A free, downloadable mixtape of Christmas music spanning the musical spectrum from wartime domestic pop to R&B to K-Pop to house.

yung lean photo

Our favorite things this week include the ways, alternatives, and consequences of self-medicating, and David Bowie's Berlin years.

noname photo

Fatimah Warner snuck onto the scene in 2013 as Noname Gypsy, outclassing Chance the Rapper on his own track, “Lost,” from Acid Rap, the mixt

jay-z photo

Jay-Z has always been the best at brushing off hate.

flying lotus photo by casey shaw for my spilt milk

It’s not news anymore that Stephen Ellison (Flying Lotus) can be whiny.

pell photo

In a hip-hop landscape that grows more turbulent by the minute, 25-year-old rapper Jared “Pell” Pellerin is surp

post malone photo

In a world where Lil Uzi Vert and Migos call themselves rock stars, does that make Post Malone the 2017

Azealia Banks photo

The rapper and vocalist brings a fiery tour and a declaration that she's still relevant to Tipitina's Tuesday.

thundercat photo by sam weil for my spilt milk

“How many of y’all drink 151?” asked Stephen “Thund

sza photo

SZA’s first national tour seemed to catch everybody but her fans by surprise.

brockhampton photo

In this week's "Our Spilt Milk," Raphael wants to know how much "Saturation" is saturation, Lexi is into lo-fi house, and Alex has been listening to hip-hop history.

little world cover art

On Little World, Zack Villere sounds like he was born the day Pr

dj jazzy jeff photo

For many Americans, DJ Jazzy Jeff is one half of a stick used to bea

alex ebert photo

[Updated] “Joy is My Armor” by Alex Ebert is

lil wayne sqvad up app art

[Updated] I spent part of yesterday playing “

sudan archives photo

Our new "Freshly Spilt Milk" Soundcloud playlist includes new hip-hop from New Orleans, Quickie Mart's remix of Cha Wa, TGUT's remix of Rae Sremmurd, international club music, a Frank Ocean cover and more.

dominic minix photo by mia nguyen for my spilt milk

“But recently I began to feel that maybe I wouldn’t be able to do what I want to do and need to do with American musicians, who are

sza cover art

Our Spilt Milk returns with our favorite things this week, including rare groove reissues on vinyl.

flow tribe boss cover art

Flow Tribe has had a newsy week, not all of it good. Singer K.C.

nas photo

A lot has changed for Nas since his last full-length release, Life is Good, in 2012.

travis scott photo

Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Zeds Dead, Zhu, Run the Jewels, Sleigh Bells, and a solid lineup of electronic dance music and hip-hop will pl

panorama brass band photo

In our first year, My Spilt Milk did a number of podcast interviews, but we couldn't get the kind of regularity necessa

cam'ron photo by max morganstern for my spilt milk

[Updated] The NBA All-Star Weekend was a series of increasingly surreal events, a bizarre juxtaposition of cultural crème de l

grammy photo

The Grammys telecast takes place and Sunday night, and yesterday Jon Caramanica wr

baron ahmon photo

Rapper Baron Ahmon had a very New Orleans experience shortly after he

thundercat photo by patrick ainsworth for my spilt milk

Thundercat tours constantly and will return to Buku this year

cavalier photo

Last week, rapper Cavalier dropped the video for “Tuck and Roll,” and it

kid cudi cover art

Kid Cudi has learned a lot about himself, and the industry in 2016.

When you think of a music festival in 2016, an abandoned post office doesn’t generally come to mind, so when I learned that Houston’s second annual

buku 2017 poster art

Deadmau5, Travis Scott, Zeds Dead, Young Thug, Zhu, Tycho, Jauz, 21 Savage and

tove lo photo

"Our Spilt Milk" looks at our favorite things this week, which also include Danny Brown's "Atrocity Exhibition" and Tony Molina's "Confront the Truth."

nf photo

The top line in any bio of rapper NF mentions that he’s Christian, b

voodoo friday schedule

The Voodoo Music and Arts Experience starts today, and we have our downloadable schedule, color-coded with the people we're most excited

This week's Freshly Spilt Milk is a hip-hop based playlist with a little something for everyone, from trappers to backpackers to sad boys.

all things must pass poster art

"Our Spilt Milk" looks at our favorite things this week--the Tower Records documentary and Young Thug's recent collaboration with Wyclef Jean.

On this edition of Freshly Spilt Milk, Porter Robinson forms a new project, Bassnectar throws down, and Justin Bieber is slips into a time warp.

man of the year cover art

In this week's Freshly Spilt Milk, our playlist includes new music from rappers Jayaire Wooods and Lil Yachty, as well as tracks by house and techno classicists Erick Morillo and Kevin Saunderson, electronic music made from found sound in Senegal and Gambia, and remixes of Beck, The Crystal Method and Freddie Gibbs.

m83 photo

Yet again, rain is on the Chicago weather forecast on Friday, the second day of Lollapalooza

j. cole photo

[Contributor Ryan Knight is in Chicago for Lollapalooza this weekend. Here's his day one report.]

schoolboy q photo

"Our Spilt Milk" shares our favorite things this week--new Schoolboy Q, Lucy Dacus in concert, and Jidenna on video.

pj morton photo

[Updated] PJ Morton spent much of this past spring

alfred banks photo

[Updated] Currently, rapper Alfred Banks stars

The newest edition of Freshly Spilt Milk features new music from Chance The Rapper and Flume, as well as some epic collabs from Gucci Mane & Big Gigantic

yung lean photo

The young Swedish rapper who made feeling bad fashionable in hip-hop again plays The Republic tonight.

This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new remixes from AlunaGeorge, Dillon Francis, and Arty, as well groovy originals from Nora En Pure, Classixx, and Big Z.

hostelworld screen grab

50 Cent was notably absent from the 2016 Forbes Five after declaring bank

chance the rapper photo

On Thursday, while the hip-hop world buzzed with anticipation for Ch

lil yachty photo

[This review from The Republic last week is the first from new contributor Raphael Helfand.]

homeboy sandman photo

My Spilt Milk has a number of new contributors, and there's no better way to get to know them than by what they're listening to, rea

kaskade photo

In this week's Freshly Spilt Milk new music playlist, Brillz defaces Justin Bieber's "Sorry," Ya Boy Big Choo testifies for bounce, and Kaskade teams with Zhu and Deadmau5.

soul rebels photo

For years, much of the New Orleans music community treated hip-hop as the bad cop to the brass bands’ good cop—one suspect; one real mus


AF the Naysayer is authentic and organic, even though those qualities are not entirely

my spilt milk awards art

From here on out, My Spilt Milk's New Orleans Music Awards will be the

pell photo

In 2014, native New Orleanian Pell cut the properly named Floating W

my spilt milk awards ar

[Updated] Early voting has started for March 5’s Louisiana Primary, and it is time to vote for the winners for

VKV photo

[Updated] As Carnival has calcified into the form it now takes with big-ass nightly spectacles starting on Wednesday, s

soul rebels photo

It seems only appropriate that on the day of the Iowa Caucuses My Spilt Milk announces that fans of music in New Orleans will have yet a

candyland press photo

My Spilt Milk has a pair of tickets to give away to see Candyland and Unicorn Fukr Thursday, February 4 at the House of Blues.

raqi lilly art

Late last year, R&B singer Raqi Lilly visited New Orleans to help scratch her

dj dusty photo

[Updated] One of my favorite DJs this year has been Corpus Christi’s

big freedia in your pocket

How do we know that Big Freedia has made it? A book—who reads them?

alfred banks photo

[Updated] Alfred Banks, 24, left Loyola Universit

af the naysayer photo

One of my favorite albums of 2014 was AF the Naysayer's 

erykah badu photo for my spilt milk

This week's Freshly Spilt Milk includes new music from Erykah Badu, !!!, MAKJ, AM & Shawn Lee, Fro-Yo Ma, and more, including a bonus mix of Brazilian '70s soul, and "Meow the Jewels."

pell photo

This week's Freshly Spilt Milk playlist includes new music from Pell, Louque, Autograf, Guerilla Toss, Seratones, and more.

james leg photo

This week's Freshly Spilt Milk includes new music from James Leg, Quickie Mart, Unicorn Fukr, Alfred Banks, Ezra Furman, Iron and Wine, and Roman GianArthur's D'Angelo/Radiohead mash-up. With two bonus mixes.

Miley Cyrus Photo

This week's Freshly Spilt Milk includes new music from Miley Cyrus, Battles, The Bird and the Bee, and more!

+aziz photo by rushing haise

[Updated] The tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is being remembered in many predictable ways—concerts, speeches, p

giraffage and viceroy photo

In this week's Freshly Spilt Milk, some of the remixes improve the orignals by doing away with the words and vocals.

pj morton photo by patrick ainsworth

Friday night, PJ Morton started his summer tour at The Howlin’ Wolf, and th

AF the Naysayer photo

Earlier this year, I talked to beat maker AF the Naysayer about one of my favorite albums

linear labs art

This week's Freshly Spilt Milk includes new music from Jack Ü, Alesso, Major Lazer x DJ Snake vs. Pop Noir, a lot of soul and a special bonus summertime mixtape.

goldlink photo

A hip-hop remake of "Iko Iko" leads this week's Freshly Spilt Milk, which includes psychedelic freakouts, pure pop, electronic music pioneers and guys dropping their first tracks.

Lil Dicky photo

This week, we welcome a new contributor to My Spilt Milk, Emily Tonn. This is her first story for the site.

sara cover art

[Updated] Home production software has been a mixed blessing.

kate tempest photo

British hip-hop has rarely translated to America.

kate tempest photo

When Kate Tempest performed in New York City earlier this year,

kate tempest photo

When Kate Tempest started her American tour in Los Angeles,

dee-1 photo

I admire Dee-1's forthrightness about his spirituality.

jazz fest schedule

One of my measures of a Jazz Fest set is whether or not it holds me until the end.

tank and the bangas photo

Tank and the Bangas play Jazz Fest's Gentilly Stage Saturday morning at 11:

tank and the bangas photo

Last weekend, Tarriona "Tank" Ball played the telephone booth as part of The Music Box's Roving Village in C

partners-n-crime photo

In 2010, Trombone Shorty curated “Red Hot + NOLA,” an all-star New Orleans concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music that not only featur

AF the Naysayer photo

In 2013, “Dolo Jazz Suite” events started showing up on Facebook.

Miami Horror photo

"Freshly Spilt Milk," our weekly Soundcloud playlist that previews upcoming releases, returns with new music from Ghostface Killah, Miami Horror, PKP, Male Gaze, Surfer Blood, Action Bronson and more.

dee-1 cover art

It’s tempting to not lead this review of rapper Dee-1’s

Summer Cannibals Photo

Our Freshly Spilt Milk Soundcloud playlist previews new music from White, Salva, Towkio, Sinderlyn, Summer Cannibals, Crizzly and more.

problem photo

This week marks the return of "Freshly Spilt Milk,” our new weekly feature with a Soundcloud playlist of new music first released online.

will butler photo

Fresh music from Quickie Mart, GRiZ, DJ Carnage, Calexico and Two Gallants.

mac photo

Tuesday The Lens, our partner in the New Orleans Digital Alliance, ran a story, “Years After R

passion pit photo by patrick ainsworth

The Buku Music and Art Project returns to Mardi Gras World March 13 and 14, 2015, this tim

nicky da b photo

This time last year, The NOLA Hip-Hop and Bounce Archive had its hat in its hand and wa

twelfth night photo

Our highlights for the week ahead in New Orleans include rockabilly survivors, the latest flavors, Kevin Gates, Hunter Hayes, Marc Broussard, and Fozzy.

Beastie Boys photo

Wednesday night, members of

de la soul photo

DJ Maseo from De La Soul will headline

real estate photo

Our highlights for a busy week that also includes a Black and Gold kickoff party, the Felice Brothers, Richard Buckner, Real Estate, and a free tribute to David Egan in Lafayette.

mick jenkins photo

Our favorite things this week include Alfred Hitchcock, The Gun Club, and Chicago hip-hop.

flosstadamus photo

Our picks for the week include the Mad Decent Block Party, Amanda Shires, the Polyphonic Spree, Carin's Proton Blast, and Nik Turner's Hawkwind.

Mannie Fresh photo

Our picks this week include a tribute to Mannie Fresh, Faster Pussycat, Cardinal Sons, MadFro, Sylvan Esso, and The Get Busy.

tony skratchere photo

Today, Lauren Keenan continues her series of video features on New Orleans' DJs, this time with Tony Skratchere.

pell photo

[Updated] Pell doesn’t sound like a New Orleans rapper.

dilla photo

My Spilt Milk's picks for the week include the J. Dilla tribute, Blackalicious, Marley, Old 97s and more.

Truth Universal photo

Thursday, rapper Truth Universal and DJ E.F. Cuttin play the Congo Square Stage at 11:15 a.m.

Public Enemy.

Seminal hip-hop outfit Public Enemy was not always the media darling it is today.

Photo of Illmatic XX

Tonight, Nas performs Illmatic in its entirety at the B

Lil' Boosie photo

Today Baton Rouge-based rapper Lil' Boosie held a post-prison press conference

PM Dawn photo

[Updated] I hadn’t thought about PM Dawn in years, so it was a pleasa

Mannie Fresh photo by Holly Hobbs

[Updated] Hip-hop now occupies the place rock ’n’ roll once did in a number of ways.

This year, I had good podcast conversations with Truth Universal and

Last weekend, I talked with Lumar LeBlanc about The Soul Rebels' then-upcoming mixtape, 

My Spilt Milk picks our favorites for the week, including Sweet Crude's sweet French, rapper Kevin Gates, brass funk with Magnetic Ear, The Howlin' Brothers' roots rock, the Yeezus Tour, and a number of holiday-inspired concerts.

Tonight, rapper

Keys N Krates photo

I’m fascinated by Keys N Krates because when I lived in Toronto, dance music was important

ZZ Ward photo

[This story is a slightly edited encore presentation of a story that first ran in the spring before ZZ Ward's previous visit to New Orleans to

Chvrches photo

Our favorite things this week include "Gravity," Chvrches and Neneh Cherry.

"Invent the Future" cover art

The title of Truth Universal's new album, Invent the Future, is optimistic on

Man Man photo

This Week's Spotify Soundtrack looks forward to shows by Juvenile, Man Man, Grammatik, The Love Language and more, as well as new music by Janelle Monae, Delorean, and Mali's Tamikrest.

[Updated] Sunday was a great start to this year's Saints' season.

Miley twerks art

Our favorite things this week live in the shadow of Miley's tongue and foam finger - for the most part.

Quickie Mart photo

DJ Quickie Mart's roots are in hip-hop, but he has broadened his musical horizons.

Vargas cover

Repave, Rethink: One of my favorite bands is also perhaps one of the most divisive bands around today.

Mo Meta Blues cover

Questlove's Blues: In the Spike Lee film Mo’ Better Blues, Denzel Washington plays an old trumpet player purist angered at

cover art for "Ace N Ernie"

There's nothing more mature than a good sense of humor about oneself.

From the early alternative rock scene in LA, to Dubstep, to Bounce, there's just so many ways to dance.

photo of Dee-1

[My Spilt Milk has asked a number of artists performing this weekend to select playlists of music that is meaningful to them.

Photo of Young Roddy

Curren$y and the Jet Life crew are so ridiculously prolific that I get the impression that they're idea of a social life is to hang out in the stud

Poster for "Catch the Wall"

"It's important for us to tell original stories," says A.J.

Cover art for "#wesofamis"

[NSFW] Quickie Mart's Super Mart Produce label will release #WE

Photo of ZZ Ward

"You asked me how long I'd stay by your side," ZZ Ward sings.

Photo of Stevie Wonder

The Super Bowl is over, the lights are back on in the Dome, and know we're left with the second week of Carnival starting tomorrow.

Cover art for Toro Y Moi's "Anything in Return"

[Updated] Anything in Return continues the broadening of Toro Y Moi

Photo of Quickie Mart and Ben Ellman

Professor Longhair and some Carnival classics get the Balkan bounce beat courtesy of Gypsyphonic Disko.

Cover art for "Bounce" by Matt Miller

Telling the ending won't ruin this book.

Photo of Cheeky Blakk

The highlights of the next week in live music in New Orleans, including Eric Lindell, the Dirty Dozen, Leon Russell, Jersey Boys and the New Orleans Viewer's Choice Awards.

[NSFW] When I started working on the Oxford American music issue, one of the

Photo of DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow's Endtroducing presented a new way to think about DJs in 1996 as he liberated

Cover image for "The Focus Tape" by Dee-1

Dee-1 has a lot to say. When a helicopter flies low over the Magazine Street PJ's while we're talking, he doesn't wait for it to pass.

Photo of Dee-1

Later this morning, I'm recording a Spilt Milk podcast with rapper Dee-1.

Photo of Stalley

"It's been a dope, dope, dope, dope experience."

Photo of Micachu and the Shapes

When I asked on Facebook for questions for

Photo of Amanda Palmer and Grand Theft Orchestra

This week, New Orleans' nightlife offerings include Irvin Mayfield and the NOJO with Ledisi, Mystikal with Juvenile, Honey Island Swamp Band with Red Baraat, Black Taxi, Beach House and Stomp.

Lil Wayne's strength is that he's never been obsessed with keeping it real; in fact, he's at his best when he's keeping it unreal.

Photo of Juvenile

Earlier in the week, My Spilt Milk ran the story of Juvenile being arrested in Mi

"I thought 'fiasco' meant something else."

Photo of The Knux

Hurricane Katrina sent brothers Kentrell "Krispy" Lindsey and Alvin "Joey" Lindsey out of New Orleans East - first to Houston, then to Los Angeles,

Photo of The Rap Game's Michael Patrick Welch

So easy, a kid can do it.

Recently, Curren$y sat in with The Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Here's the video evidence.

Photo of rapper K. Gates, who made the documentary "Murda Capital."

Rapper K. Gates turns his attention from the New Orleans Saints to the New Orleans violence in his new documentary, Murda Capitol.

It's tempting to say that the Mainline Brass Band stretches the definition of br