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[Updated] When Sinkane wants revolution, it folds The Beatles’ “

lizzo photo by steph catsoulis for my spilt milk

Lizzo wants her live shows to be church, and her sold out show at the

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Jazz Fest producer Quint Davis introduced the festival-closing set by saying that three acts had closed the fest on what is now the Acur

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A lot was good on Friday at Jazz Fest, but nothing was as mind-blowing as the

Of the hundreds of bands that played in Austin last week, only 14 New Orleans acts performed at official South By Southwest showcases.

The Internet photo

I saw The Internet almost exactly one month before its performance i

trombone shorty photo

Trombone Shorty’s fest-closing set deserves to be the ritual that th

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In recent years, Jazz Fest at night has been a jam fest, and that’s certainly going on.

saturday's jazz fest schedule

Saturday at Jazz Fest, Rod Stewart tags in for Aretha Franklin. I give St

Bubble Bath Records logo

Some believe that starting a record label in 2018 is a

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Bobby Z’s pride in The Revolution is as obvious in conversation as it is justified.

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When you Google “Mr. Hands,” the Wikipedia entry “Enumclaw horse sex case” is the first link, followed by the entry for Mr.

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Jazz, like light, changes every time you look at it.

papa grows funk

Josh Freund and Sam Radutzky inadvertently set a task for themselves when they decided to shoot a documentary on Papa Grows Funk.

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“How many of y’all drink 151?” asked Stephen “Thund

sza cover art

Our Spilt Milk returns with our favorite things this week, including rare groove reissues on vinyl.

flow tribe boss cover art

Flow Tribe has had a newsy week, not all of it good. Singer K.C.

trombone shorty cover art

Trombone Shorty’s last decade has been characterized by, among ot

trombone shorty photo

The annual nature of Jazz Fest makes it a perfect time to reflect on how things have changed--not just how the festival or the grounds h

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[Updated There are limits to what I expect from

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{Today new contributor Michelle Beaulieu kicks off "A Quick Take," a new series of quick looks at artists playing New Orleans.]

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Funk/jazz/rock band Naughty Professor had a good 2016, and the band’s bas

naughty professor photo

Naughty Professor has followed in Galactic’s footsteps by establishing it

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The Faux/Real Festival grew out of New Orleans Fringe Festival, and it kicks off

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Last spring, Rare Essence tried to present a contemporary take on go-go with mixed results on

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The logical next step after listening to London DJs play rare groove funk and soul? Make some yourself.

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Everything is relative. At a Lollapalooza or a rock festival, Red Hot Chili Peppers are funky. At Jazz Fest, they’re a rock band.

my spilt milk awards ar

[Updated] Early voting has started for March 5’s Louisiana Primary, and it is time to vote for the winners for

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This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features music from Cellars, Steve James, Nap Eyes and more.

outer space santa art

Saturday afternoon, I DJ'ed an afternoon of Christmas music at St.

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Wednesday, R&B keyboard player Nigel Hall will play an album re

Gramps the Vamp

If you see Maxx McGathey, bandleader of Gramps the Vamp, walking around Chicago with he

miguel photo by patrick ainsworth

Miguel blasted onstage at the Joy Theater Tuesday night with the ener

galactic photo

When Galactic parted ways with singer Theryl “Houseman” DeClouet in 2004, fans fe

galactic cover art

Galactic's last two studio albums--2010's

jazz fest schedule

If Saturday's crowd at Jazz Fest wasn't record-breaking, it was at least enough to make eve

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Tank and the Bangas play Jazz Fest's Gentilly Stage Saturday morning at 11:

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In 2010, Trombone Shorty curated “Red Hot + NOLA,” an all-star New Orleans concert at the Brooklyn Academy of Music that not only featur

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For 20 or so years, Miles Tackett has been making music with one foot in traditio

they call us wild cover

Yesterday, Bo Dollis, Big Chief of The Wild Magnolias, died after a prolonged battle with ill health.

Beastie Boys photo

Wednesday night, members of

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Our favorite things this week include Willie Hutch, Morgan Spurlock's new project, and new Walk the Moon.

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It was bad enough that The Tontons couldn't play loudly enough to keep

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Our favorite things this week include reissues by The Pop Group and Sarah Silverman's new comedy album.

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There’s a reason that Dave Chappelle’s “I’m Rick James, bitch” became quo

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The DJ and record collector traces his love of records to punk and Eddie Bo.

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Jazz Fest at night has become a time for jam funk and one-time-only shows, and one of the more entertaining ideas is Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe sp

Vampire Weekend photo

Sunday’s final sets at Jazz Fest couldn’t have been more different.

Naughty Professor photo

Last December, funk band Naughty Professor had a party and shot videos of themselves

Soulive photo

During Jazz Fest 2013, Soulive played The Howlin' Wolf as part of the Royal

New Beginnings cover art

Gravity A has spent the last few years finding itself and its audience.

This year, I had good podcast conversations with Truth Universal and

[Updated] In October, our friends at ABIS Productions shot

Photo of Spirit Animal

The funk/rock band talks about performing live, songwriting, and making party rock for smart people.

Poets of Rhythm cover art

Our favorite things this week include a Millenial listicle, The Poets of Rhythm and This Charming Charlie.

Hafid and friend photo

Our favorite things this week include Bear Creek, CCR and a stolen iPhone.

cover of "Dirty Word"

[Updated] The title track on Dumpstaphunk's new

[Updated] “For a while, there was actually a rumor going around on the Internet that we’re from New Orleans,” say

Photo of th New Orleans Suspects

One their debut album, The New Orleans Suspects make their brand of funk rock sound effortless.

Photo of Victor Wooten
"Ohhh, I hit a baby deer."

Photo of Dam-Funk

Producer, musician and DJ Dam-Funk is Los Angeles' "Ambassador of Boogie Funk," and he'll play Tipitina's on September 16 at DJ Soul Sister's Birth

Cover of R.J. Smith's biography of James Brown, The One.

R.J. Smith discusses James Brown before appearing at Octavia Books Tuesday at 6 p.m. to sign copies of his Brown bio, "The One."

It's tempting to say that the Mainline Brass Band stretches the definition of br