On this edition of Freshly Spilt Milk, Porter Robinson forms a new project, Bassnectar throws down, and Justin Bieber is slips into a time warp.

Asher Roth keeps is beats as fresh as his laundry.

1. "Yours" - SG Lewis: English producer Sam Lewis is only at the beginning of his career, but is gaining ground quickly. He has signed to the PMR label, along with Jessie Ware and Disclosure. His popularity boosted with his remix of Disclosure's "Magnets," and he's proven that he has a keen ear for soul. "Yours" is a James Blake-esque trip-hop beat with synth in the chorus and spaced out bass lines.

2. "Recognize" feat. Drake - PARTYNEXTDOOR: Along with The Weeknd and Drake, another Canadian is making is way on the path to hip-hop and R&B success. PARTYNEXTDOOR is a producer and singer signed to Drake's OVO Sound label, and he has just released a new album titled PARTYNEXTDOOR 3 (P3) which features this single "Recognize." The Canadian producer created the Carribean-inspired beat to the hit radio single "Work" by Rihanna.

3. "Shelter" - Porter Robinson & Madeon: This collaborative track includes two of electro-house's most creative producers, Madeon and veteran Porter Robinson. Up until the release of this single "Shelter," the team kept their plans for collaboration and the announcement of their tour a secret. The tour will adopt a back-to-back format, featuring originals from each of the producers, as well as new collabs.

4. "Nobody" - JÜAN DU SOL: Jon George is one third of the Australian trio RÜFUS (or RÜFUS DU SOL), which is an electronica band that specializes in a deep house style. George created "Nobody" as a solo production under the name JÜAN DU SOL, and the new track is part of his Cuba EP, which is distinct from RÜFUS in that it has more of a club vibe.

5. "One In A Million" (Kant Remix) - Midnight To Monaco: In this new track, Kant completely transforms the pop song "One In A Million" by Midnight to Monaco into a deep house club track. The soulful vocals from Ricky Ducati are mostly chopped up, but the bridge is kept in its original form, and is laid on top of Kant's synth-heavy breakdown. This is a particularly progressive, while maintaining a steady bass line characteristic of deep house tracks.

6. "When It's Gone" - The M Machine: Mat Zo, Bassnectar and Deadmau5 have expressed concern that EDM has become washed out. Zo struggles to distance himself from music labeled as such, which is evident by his multifarious second studio album Self Assemble. He has even mentioned in a somber interview with Billboard back in February that the album cover is illustrative of how he sometimes feels writing music: trapped. His latest remix of "When It's Gone" retains the overall melody of the track, while giving it an uplifting, futuristic overhaul.

7. "Feel It" feat. Tunji Ige - GTA & What So Not: This brand new single is the perfect blend of future bass and trap. Australia's What So Not has been especially active this year, and gave a sensational performance at EDC Las Vegas this year. This time he teams up with the multifaceted Miami duo GTA for a dynamic track with dreamy female vocals and a hip-hop feature from Philadelphia up-and-comer Tunji Ige. The use of synth is a What So Not staple, and makes for one of the best beats he's been on this year.

8. "Oops" - Martin Garrix: At only 20 years old, Martin Garrix is arguably the fastest-rising DJ in the industry. He first played the iconic main stage at Ultra Music Festival in Miami at only 17 years old in 2014, and his new single "Oops" is also the soundtrack for his newly-released video game. The game has similar gameplay to Flappy Bird, and the music is reminiscent of a videogame soundtrack with short cuts of distorted, high-pitched vocals and a happy, playful vibe.

9. "Shampion Chip" feat. Qa - Bassnectar: Bassnectar has what is arguably the most loyal fan base in electronic music. In July, Lorin Ashton released a studio album titled Unlimited to follow up last years Into the Sun. "Shampion Chip" has one of the most intense drops on the album and is one of the most discussed tracks. During Basslights (a mini-festival that he created), he said that the song was "made for tonight."

10. "Feel This Night" - Damian Wasse: Damian Wasse is a Russian trance producer, who began his career in 2011. His latest release on Lange Recordings features strong male vocals and uplifting lyrics.

11. "Laundry" feat. Michael Christmas & Larry June - Asher Roth: Asher Roth is known for his laid back rap style and sometimes humorous lyrics. It's nice to hear that he has retained that style, but the best thing about this track is the simple but fitting beat produced by Chuck English. The music video for "Laundry" features clips of sniffing fabric softener and hot girls seductively spraying starch into the air and dancing atop washing machines at a laundromat. I must say, this track is fresh.

12. "Native Son Prequel" feat. Leo Napier (Jenaux Remix) - Grammatik: Right off the bat, the funk guitar in this track entices you and is true to the consistently funky style of Grammatik. One of the coolest parts of the song comes when Jenaux replaces the piano chord in the bridge with melodic synth in the chorus. Jenaux seems to have a love for tracks with strong soul vibes, like his latest single "Get It On."

13. "Bury It" (Keys N Krates Remix) - CHVRCHES: Keys N Krates is one of the most distinguished trap acts right now, and are said to be particularly impressive live. Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES chants the lyrics to the chorus in a call to action to bury the past, and rise above it. These chanted lyrics are complimented nicely by the upbeat, punching drop, that seems to rapidly skip each time she chants.

14."What Do You Mean It's 1985" - Justin Bieber x TRONICBOX: Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" is one of the most popular pop songs of this year, with its catchy lyrics and electronic beat. Now, the single is fresher than ever. Fellow Canadian producer Tronicbox has sent the track back in time to the '80s, making it sound like something that should have been on the soundtrack to Pretty In Pink. The remix even features a classic saxophone solo to add to that '80s feel. Tronicbox executed the mix perfectly, and has other mixes like it on his Soundcloud page.