This special Spotify Soundtrack looks ahead to this week's Tales of the Cocktail. 

photo from Tales of the Cocktail

New Orleans' alcohol history is legendary. It's the home of the Sazerac and the Ramos Gin Fizz, as well as the Hurricane and the Hand Grenade, which makes it an appropriate home for Tales of the Cocktail. Each year, Tales celebrates the world of cocktails, whether at the professional, bar-running level, or at the casual sidebar-to-the-culture level. At Tales, the drink isn't just something to get you tight; it's an artfully crafted creation to be appreciated in the same way a fine meal is appreciated.

My Spilt Milk will be at Tales of the Cocktail this year, and to help get in the mood, we have a special alcohol-themed This Week's Soundtrack. Louisiana appears in songs by Snooks Eaglin, Tommy Ridgley, The Valparaiso Men's Chorus, and The Red Stick Ramblers. Two of the bards of drink - Tom Waits and Gary Stewart - get extra space as the soundtrack rolls through swing, country, rock, rap, calypso, sea shanties and more.

For more on Tales of Cocktail, here's last year's interview with founder Ann Tuennerman and a post-Tales wrap-up.

1. Bourbon from Heaven - Dean Martin
2. Drunk Girls - LCD Soundsystem
3. Rye Whiskey - Punch Brothers
4. Let Me Go Home, Whiskey - Snook Eaglin
5. Rum and Coca-Cola (Pts. 1 & 2) - Wilmoth Houdini
6. Gin & Tonic - Brandy Butler & the Fonxionaires
7. Bottle & a Bible - Mary McBride
8. Bloody Mary Morning - Willie Nelson
9. Looped - Tommy Ridgley
10. Drinkin' Whiskey Tonight - Pokey LaFarge
11. Scotch & Soda - Lou Rawls
12. The Piano Has Been Drinking - Tom Waits
13. Jockey Full of Bourbon - Tom Waits
14. Gin Soaked Boy - Tom Waits
15. All for Me Grog - The Valparaiso Men's Chorus
16. Tom Collins - The Sound Defects
17. Drinking Tequila - Jim Reeves
18. Coconut Water, Rum and Gin - Nassau Beach Calypso Quartet
19. Women Without Whiskey - Drive-By Truckers
20. I Was Drunk - Alejandro Escovedo
21. Vicious Vicious Vodka - Amos Milburn
22. Drinking Again - Aretha Franklin
23. White Rum - Earl Lindo
24. Gin and Juice - Snoop Doggy Dogg
25. Gin House Blues - Nina Simone
26. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer - Thurston Harris
27. Demon Rum - "Nice Work if You Can Get It" original Broadway cast recording
28. She's Actin' Single (I'm Drinkin' Doubles) - Gary Stewart
29. Drinkin' Thing - Gary Stewart
30. Whiskey Trip - Gary Stewart
31. Make it a Double - Gary Stewart
32. Whiskey in a Jar - Thin Lizzy
33. Drunken Sailor - The Rum Fellows
34. White Lightning - George Jones
35. Pointless Drinking - Amy LaVere
36. Drinking Son - Loudon Wainwright III
37. Will His Love Be Like His Rum? - Harry Belafonte
38. Made in the Shade - The Red Stick Ramblers