This Week's Soundtrack goes to outer space and back, on a psychedelic dance floor, in a circus tent.

1. "Dreams" -  Fleetwood Mac: From disc three of a recent deluxe reissue of Rumours. As an early take, this track highlights the heartbreaking, bluesy quality of the Mac that can get buried in their live performances (i.e. recently at Jazz Fest), or on more produced takes.

2. "Thousand Year Old Child" - Pure X: Coming to the Circle Bar Tuesday

3. "Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons" - Frank Turner: From the new release Tape Deck Heart.  Calls to mind the melancholic charm of Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous.

4. "The Boat That I Row" - Neil Diamond: And who better elucidates that charm than the Diamond. Oh to love a rock star. "The boat that I row won't cross no ocean, the boat that I row won't get me there soon."

5. "Hero Takes a Fall" - The Bangles: The next seven tracks are all inspired by a recently published article in The Guardian (UK), an oral history of LA's Paisley Underground scene.

6. "Looking for Lewis and Clark" -The Long Ryders: Who knew harmonica could sound so punk rock?

7. "Jetfighter" -The Three O'Clock: A track from the band whose leadsinger, Michael Quercio, is responsible for coining the term "Paisley Underground."

8. "This Can't Be Today" -The Rain Parade: Members have gone on to play with Mazzy Star and this track harbors that signature haunting tamborine.

9. "The Crystal Lake" - Grandaddy: While the scene showed a clear heritage to '60s pop, some '90s bands (namely Grandaddy, and Mercury Rev) then went on to claim the Paisley Underground scene as inspirational sires. This track perfectly echoes the lyrical theme of escape from The Rain Parade's song.

10. "She Turns to Flowers" - The Three O'Clock: Recorded before there was a name for the scene, when the band called itself Salvation Army.

11. "5 Easy Pieces" - Green on Red: Actually from Tuscon, this band added a desert rock element to the Paisley Underground sound.

12. "Yer Ropes" - Giant Sand: And then Howe Gelb spent the next three decades galvanizing that element.

13. "Then She Remembers" - The Dream Syndicate: From one of the most well-known of the Paisley bands, next to The Bangles.

14. "Look...The Sun is Rising" - The Flaming Lips: Some new material from Wayne Coyne and Co., stretching their legs in either direction, both towards their lovelier side (those melodic crescendo-ing hits) yet also back to their rowdier roots.   

15. "Serious, Sirius, Space Party" - Ednah Holt: A remix from one of the fathers of disco, and forerunners of house, Larry Levan.

16."Pack Jam" - Jonzun Crew: Member Maurice Starr went on to become a mogul for a number of teen pop bands, namely New Kids on the Block.

17. "Rise of the Black Suits" - Ghostface Killah: Playing House of Blues tonight

18. "Here to China" - Calvin Harris: Playing Voodoo's dance stage this year.

19. "No Time for Pussy" - Savant: Playing The Republic Thursday.

20. "I'm Not a Human Being" - Mad Professor: With dub legend Lee "Scratch" Perry on vocals

21. "Love You to Life Dub" - Grace Jones: From a dub album accompanying her 2011 album Hurricane 

22. "Cumbietiope" - Frente Cumbiero: Another Mad Professor mix.

23. "Joe the Paranoiac" - Kobo Town: More contemporary calypso from Cana-Trinidadian musician.

24. "Lef Cheek Rite Cheek" - Cheeky Blakk: A veteran of the New Orleans bounce scene.

25. "E=MC2" - J Dilla: From one of the best modern hip-hop producers, whose record label is still releasing his work posthumously.

26. "Kunte Kinte The African Warrior" - Mad Professor

27. "Respect My Mind" - Marcel P. Black: Playing the Hi-Ho Thursday

28. "Big 12" - Trombone Shorty: Playing Wednesday in the Square at Lafayette Square this week.

29. "La Story (Alright Too)" - Micah McKee and Little Maker: Playing Siberia Tuesday.

30. "The Dark is Singing Songs (Sleepy Time Down South)" - The Music Tapes: Elephant 6 Collective member Julian Koster tents the Howlin' Wolf for The Traveling Imaginary, a My Spilt Milk and WTUL Presents show on Tuesday.

31. "Moonlight Kiss" - Raul Malo: A swingin' track from Malo, who played with The Mavericks at Jazz Fest this year.

32. "Back in Your Arms Again" - The Mavericks: From their new album In Time.

33."Go Your Own Way" - Fleetwood Mac: Another track from the Rumours  re-release that shows some Stones-like bounce glossed over by the final production.