The My Spilt Milk Awards are a week away, and Rotary Downs and Tank and the Bangas are making awards show news.

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Rotary Downs

The My Spilt Milk Awards are a week away. Voting ends Friday at midnight (have you voted?) but tickets are still on sale for the show Thursday, April 7 at 8 p.m. at the Howlin’ Wolf.

This week, Carton of Honor recipients and performers Rotary Downs sweetened the deal. They’ve supplied 50 vinyl copies of their album Traces for the first 50 people in the doors, which will open at 7. The album is on bone-colored vinyl, and we reviewed it at the time of its release.

Rotary Downs has integrated much of the faux-futurism of the '80s into its sonic palate to give the songs a hyperreal, forward-looking quality. Many instruments sound like the most evolved versions of themselves, so the quivering electronic strings scream "romance" on "The Sandwich Islands," even when James Marler sings, "Darling, we're falling to pieces."

In other awards news, ABC 26’s News with a Twist featured live performances by Tank and the Bangas in the show’s preview of our awards. We appreciate the attention from News with a Twist, and Tank and the Bangas for representing.

Thursday night’s show will also feature The Soul Rebels playing a hip-hop set, The Breton Sound, AF the Naysayer, and our host, comedian Andrew Polk. Thanks to our sponsors for their support of the My Spilt Milk Awards: Fest Cola, the Gulf Restoration Network, Conversations, the VL Group, and Gasparian Immigration. We couldn’t do this without them.

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