The electronic pop duo lets others lip sync the song's lyrics in its new video.

roar photo
Carly Meyers and Adam Gertner of Roar!

Last spring pop-electronic duo Roar! talked about leaving behind their previous name, Yojimbo.

“It was the best thing we did,” singer Carly Meyers says. “We’re much more of our generation’s music now, interpreting electronic with live instruments.”

“And, it’s the sound we always wanted to be,” percussionist Adam Gertner says. 

Last week, Roar! released a video for “Fly,” another song from its debut album, La-Di-Da. which features Darryl “Dancingman 504” Adams and others lip syncing and dancing to the band’s uplifting song. “Fly ’til your free / stand up straight / and wipe your feet at the door,” Meyers sings, and the respectful practicality of that last line threads through the lyrics, all of which carry a little extra weight when also mouthed by a young African-American teen and a Muslim woman—two of the other “performers.” Gertner and Meyers finally appear on screen in the last moments of the video, laughing and underlining the joyous spirit of the song and video.

Roar! will play One Eyed Jacks on September 9.