A new season, a new bout of Saints-inspired hip-hop.

[Updated] Sunday was a great start to this year's Saints' season. Last season didn't inspire anything but hostility toward Roger Goodell, and it certainly didn't lead to much new music. Because of that, I was excited when I got a message via Twitter that 5StarHero has released "2013 Saints Anthem."

More than the song, I love the city's ability to turn anything into a platform or occasion for their own creativity. 5StarHero gets love here for putting it out there, as does Margie Perez, who recorded "New Orleans' Saints" with Big Chief Monk Boudreaux. Sales of the track benefit Team Gleason.

If you've got a new Saints YouTube or Soundcloud track, let me know at alex@myspiltmilk.com or on Twitter at @MySpiltMilk. If they're any good, I'll post them on Fridays throughout the season. 

Updated 9:23 p.m.

The Margie Perez song was added after this post was first published.