This week's Freshly Spilt Milk includes new music from Fro-Yo Ma, Django Django, Lizzo, Slow Magic, Giraffage, Hibou, Big Freedia, and more.

art by fro-yo ma
By Fro-Yo Ma

1. “Stepping Outside” - Val Hollie: The first track from New Orleans’ Val Hollie’s upcoming self-titled EP, which is due out November 13 at the Saturn Bar.

2. “This Must Be the Place” - Kishi Bashi: Kishi Bashi recorded his cover of this Talking Heads song for a collection of 45s, and again for his upcoming album, String Quartet Live!, November 13. 

3. “Excuse” (Hibou remix) - Big Freedia: Seattle rock band Hibou is on tour with Big Freedia and Boyfriend, and for the occasion Hibou’s Peter Michel put the Queen Diva in a very different musical context.

4. “Fish Socks” - Fro-Yo Ma: From the local producer’s new EP, Pants.

5. “R-96” - AF the Naysayer feat. Shizuku Kawahara: The local producer repurposes one of the tracks from his The Autodidact Instrumentals Vol. 1 with a vocalist as the first single from his upcoming Armor Wing Battle Unit EP.

6. “Candy (Mamba Song)” - Slow Magic: Slow Magic will play The Republic Saturday night, and for this track, the producer made the first half of the song entirely out of sampled sounds made by playing with candies made by Mamba. The video showing how it was done is as cool as the resulting track. 

7. “Superstition” (Lliam Taylor remix) - Stevie Wonder: A very cool and pleasantly surprising house remix of the Stevie classic.

8. “I Really Like You” (Giraffage remix) - Carly Rae Jepsen: DJ Giraffage will play The Republic Saturday night with Slow Magic. In honor of the tour, here’s a remix of the almost biologically catchy Carly Rae Jepsen.

9. “Attention” (Boogie T remix) - Boyfriend: Boogie T adds grind to this track from Boyfriend’s Love Your Boyfriend EP.

10. “Ain’t I” - Lizzo: "'Ain't I' is the thesis of the album,” the rapper says. “All of my blackness and my womanhood crammed into 3 minutes and 56 seconds."

11. “Geek” - Brillz feat. Que: Future bass and hip-hop on this new release on Mad Decent.

12. “Real” - G Jones and Bleep Bloop: Both artists are on DJ Shadow’s Liquid Amber label, and they’ve collaborated here for crazy, bass-heavy track matched with old school, ticking drum programming.

13. “Hey Now” (XYPO remix) - London Grammar: House producer XYPO plays up the soul in London Grammar singer Hannah Reid’s voice. 

14. “Pause Repeat (a JD Twitch Optima mix) - Django Django: Django Django were the one band that I really wanted to see that work at Voodoo that I missed for reasons I no longer remember. This remix moves the song takes the rock out of the dance rock track.

15. “No Class” (Smookie Illson remix) - Yellow Claw x Mightyfools: These Dutch production teams released a two-minute version of "No Class," and at that length it begged for someone to pick it up and develop it. The trio known as Smookie Illson picked up that challenge.  

16. “Big Black Coat” - Junior Boys: Canadian electronic duo Junior Boys will return with their first album in five years on February 5, 2016 with Big Black Coat. Here’s the appropriately wintry title track, with nods to techno and soul.

17. “Gone” (Robert DeLong remix) - Jr. Jr.:Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. has shortened its name to simply Jr. Jr., and Robert DeLong has remixed this track from Jr. Jr.'s self-titled new album.

18. “Preferido” - VINÍ: A new baile funk track from Sao Paulo-based producer VINÍ. 

19. “Hell Yosa” - Den Sorte Skole: Swedish sample-based artists Den Sorte Skole say their new album, Indians & Cowboys, features 10,000 samples, and this track alone features samples from “more than 25 old vinyl records from 13 different countries and six continents between 1956-1996,” according to the song’s press release. I’m a total sucker for this sort of thing. 

20. “De La Luz” - Fakear: Crisp, tangible percussion gives this track by the French electronic producer Fakear a concreteness that balances nicely with the faux-guitar figure. From his upcoming EP, Light Bullet, due out November 13.

21. “For Keeps” - American Culture: American Culture thinks of its output as “Music for Introverts,” but almost every musical choice on the big rock “For Keeps” is a bold one.

22. “Look at You” - Poppy Seed and the Love Explosion: The Toronto-based psychedelic band have a new album, Beyond the Seventh Sun, and will play Checkpoint Charlie's on November 14.

23. “(I Wanna Move to) Texas” - Bantam Foxes: From the New Orleans’ trio’s recent EP, Loser.