Tonight at Gasa Gasa, Backup Planet will combine everything with everything.

backup planet photo
Backup Planet

{Today new contributor Michelle Beaulieu kicks off "A Quick Take," a new series of quick looks at artists playing New Orleans.]

Who: Backup Planet
What: Progressive funk-rock with jazz, roots, and blues influences
When: Sunday, April 30
Where: Gasa Gasa
Why: Backup Planet promises an escape into prog rock, plunging us into the era of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Rush, while still incorporating influences by New Orleans’ favorite genres of jazz and funk. Backup Planet incorporates intelligent improvisation into its live performances, so each show is its own experience--one that also incorporates elements of American roots music, and the band's mix of all these genres makes them more than your average rock band. “The Road” includes four-part harmonies, two guitar solos, a subdued piano interlude, and organ blend to create a feeling of nostalgia for the old rock genres while bringing listeners into the future of music.