Wednesday night's forum will be streamed live here.

Updated: It's rare that we get to say that New Orleans is on the cutting edge of something other celebrations and NFL player motivation, but we're about to become the first major American city to go all-in with digital journalism. When the Newhouse family decided to cut The Times-Picayune to three days a week and make its principal outlet, it pressed the fast forward button on an experience that the rest of the country is just starting to imagine.

On Wednesday at 7 p.m., the New Orleans  Coalition on Open Governance (NOCOG) will host a public forum on journalism in New Orleans titled,  "Where Do We Go from Here?" and you can be part of the discussion. If you have questions you would like to have asked, post them in the comments stream below. The moderator will be Steve Beatty, managing editor of The Lens - part of the New Orleans Digital News Alliance (NODNA), along with My Spilt Milk, NOLA Defender and Uptown Messenger - and I'll pass your questions to him.

The Foundation for Louisiana, GNO Inc. and Loyola University School of Mass Communications joined with NOCOG to bring together community members and members of the media to discuss the ramifications of the shift to digital news. The panel for the night will include:

Kevin Davis - CEO, Executive Director of the Investigative News Network  

Kelly McBride - Senior Faculty, Ethics, Reporting and Writing for Poynter Institute 

Chris Sopher - Journalism Program Associate for Knight Foundation 

Jamal Watkins - Chief of Staff, Center for Social Inclusion 

Keith Woods - Vice President for Diversity in News and Operations, NPR 

The forum will take place in Nunemaker Auditorium in Monroe Hall on the Loyola campus starting at 7 p.m.; there will be a recption beforehand starting at 6:30. If you can't make it, it will be streamed live here at My Spilt Milk in this post, and at

In other NODNA news, last week I added recent NODNA headlines to My Spilt Milk on the right-hand side of the page. I hope you'll check them out and support independent digital journalism in New Orleans. 

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