In this My Spilt Milk premiere, the New Orleans' synth pop band remixes Sweet Crude before the bands play together at Gasa Gasa Friday.

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Prom Date

In concert, Sweet Crude’s songs come at you like frisky puppies—exuberant, playful, and hard to resist. Even though most of the lyrics are sung in Cajun French, the band doesn’t even remotely play hard to get. With its communal vibe, it seems like a club you want to be a part of. Friday night, Sweet Crude will headline a show at Gasa Gasa with New Orleans’ synth pop band Prom Date, and Quickie Mart to keep the party going into the night. 

Recently, Prom Date remixed “Hornet’s Nest” from Sweet Crude’s Super Vilaine EP, and the result splits the differences between the two groups nicely. Prom Date’s affection for the space, textures, and icy remoteness of ‘80s dance tracks shines through, but Sweet Crude takes some of the chill off. On the other hand, Sweet Crude’s friskiness and earnest uplift is dialed down by degrees, which adds a cool factor the band doesn’t typically fool with.

We’re pleased to present the debut of the Prom Date remix of “Hornet’s Nest,” which you can listen to and/or download below. You can hear more Prom Date here and more Sweet Crude here