This Week's Soundtrack features some of the old boys and people making old-time music.

Cover image for Nasimiyu's "Rules Aren't Real"

This Week's Soundtrack:

1. "The Killing Type" - Amanda Palmer & Grand Theft Orchestra: Amanda Palmer courts controversy  as a part of her art and has found herself in a war of words with the equally shy Steve Albini. This is from her new Theatre is Evil, and she plays Tipitina's Monday night.

2. "Balloons on Barbed Wire" - Black Taxi: The Brooklyn-based indie rock band has made a reputation for its high energy live show, and it'll be at One Eyed Jacks Monday.

3. "Wiped Out" - Off!: Circle Jerks' Keith Morris leads this classic punk throwback with a heavy emphasis on intensity and brevity (no song on Off! is longer than 1:36). They'll be at Tipitina's Friday.

4. "Sprouted" - Nasimiyu: Local R&B sing Nasimiyu has a new album, Rules Aren't Real, and she'll be at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art's "Ogden After Hours" Thursday at 6. I'll be the moderator and do the interview.

5. "No Worries" - Lil Wayne feat. Detail: Lil Wayne remains ridiculously productive. "No Worries" has been released as the first single from Dedication 4, the mixtape he released just over a week ago. 

6. "Weekend in the Dust" - David Byrne and St. Vincent: The pairing seems oddly obvious, and on the new Love This Giant, they sound inevitable too.

7. "Auld Lang Something" - Empress Hotel: The new Heavy Halo smartly walks the line between pop and art rock. 

8. "Wild" - Beach House: The Baltimore dream-pop duo's Bloom is one of the albums that has endured throughout the year, and they'll be at Tipitina's on Tuesday.

9. "Glitter Days" - Firewater: Cop Shoot Cop's Tod A leads Firewater, which merges post-punk and Eastern European folk music. They'll be at Tipitina's Thursday.

10. "Botyiaki Ntembe" - Wendo Kolosoy: Kolosoy is one of the pioneers of Congolese rumba.

11. "White Light/White Heat" - The Bootleggers: On this track from the Lawless soundtrack, former Screaming Tree Mark Lanegan shares the mic with Ralph Stanley on The Velvet Underground classic.

12. "Live and Die" The Avett Brothers: The Avett Brothers will be in town for The Voodoo Experience. Here's a track from their new Rick Rubin-produced album, The Carpenter.

13. "Sure Nuff 'N Yes I Do" - The Bootleggers: More from Lanegan and Stanley, this time covering a Captain Beefheart favorite from the Safe as Milk album.

14. "Bar Stool" - Crooks: On Friday, this Austin-based honky tonk band will perform with My Graveyard Jaw at The Howlin' Wolf Friday.

15. "Long and Wasted Years" - Bob Dylan: Dylan's grimmer and harder on the new Tempest, which continues the general level of excellence manifested in his recent string of albums.

16. "Feelings are Meant to Be Hurt" - Off!

17. "Chained" - The XX: The new Coexist is as fragile and small and lovely as The XX's debut.

18. "You Hit Me (I'm Down)" - The Raveonettes: By now, I'm not sure The Raveonettes have anything new to tell us, but they remain reliable on the new Observator.

19. "The Dark is Singing Songs" - The Music Tapes: Elephant 6 member Julian Koster has a new project, The Music Tapes, which often sounds like creepy carnival music on Mary's Voice

20. "Class Clown Spots a UFO" - Guided by Voices: I'm not sure one Guided by Voices is markedly different from another, but this is the title track from the new one. They play One Eyed Jacks Saturday and if nothing else, Guided by Voices is often good value as they play generous sets.

21. "Love is Luck" - The Walkmen: The Walkmen and the indie rock band's indie rock band, and they have a new album, Heaven, and they'll be at Tipitina's Saturday.

22. "Why" - Jadakiss feat. Anthony Hamilton: Jadakiss has a new mixtape, I Love You, and he'll be at The Howlin' Wolf Thursday.

23. "Feel Like Making Love" - Chubby Carrier: On his Grammy-winning Zydeco Junkie, Carrier zydeco'ed up this Bad Company classic. He'll be at the Rock 'n' Bowl Thursday.

24. "Sure Nuff 'N Yes I Do" - Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

25. "White Light/White Heat" - The Velvet Underground

27. "Same Arguments" - Lewis Black: Comedian Lewis Black performs at the Mahalia Jackson Theater Sunday. Here he is from his Comedy Central special from earlier this year, In God We Rust.