Quickie Mart's new single focuses on bounce's favorite fixation.

cover of "Ass Rotation"

Big Freedia's Scion AV EP put off purists who felt she had drifted from bounce into EDM, but the EP made the logical connection. The current style of high speed, high impact bounce has as much in common with electronic music as it does with first generation bounce, which is one of the reasons it makes sense and works so well in The Republic. National DJs have started blurring the bounce/EDM distinction, Diplo most prominent among them with "Express Yourself," with vocalist Nicky da B.

Quickie Mart has been part of the mutating process. He's half of Gypsyphonic Disko, which combines bounce with Balkan folk music, and he was one of the DJs doing yacht bounce remixes, and he has cut bounce remixes for national hip-hop acts (check his remix of "It's on Fire" by J-Boogie with Lateef the Truthspeaker, which ripples with Triggaman bones). Last year, he gave Ricky B's old school bounce classic "Shake Fa Ya Hood" a richly textured "bouncestep" remix, and now he has a new single of his own, "Ass Rotation." The track is available for free now; you'll have to buy it through Beatport starting July 30.