The awards and show April 7 at the Howlin' Wolf remain the same; only the name has changed.

my spilt milk awards art

From here on out, My Spilt Milk's New Orleans Music Awards will be the My Spilt Milk Awards. We learned today that people were confusing us with the NOLA Music Awards, which honors hip-hop and urban music in New Orleans. That kind of confusion doesn't serve either awards shows or the music community well, so we've decided to change our name. 

Going with My Spilt Milk Awards is a form of truth in advertising because the nominees and the show suggest what the site is about and what it values. Our awards represent the thoughts of the community that reads us, just as all awards shows represent their readership communities. Collectively, they present the truest picture of who and what is valued in New Orleans music.  

Although the name has changed, nothing else about the event has. Voting is still open, and you can vote on the best of 2015 through midnight April 1. The show will still take place Thursday, April 7 at the Howlin' Wolf with host Andrew Polk and performances by The Soul Rebels, Rotary Downs, Tank and the Bangas, The Breton Sound, and AF the Naysayer. Tickets are on sale now.

On Thursday, we'll host a My Spilt Milk Happy Hour at Plum (1914 Magazine St.) from 4-7 p.m. Alex Rawls will be there with beer, music, and tickets for $20--$5 off the advance price, $10 off the door.