Alison Fensterstock and Panorama Brass Band's Ben Schenck talk the music we see, hear and play during the Carnival season.

panorama brass band photo
Panorama Brass Band on parade

In our first year, My Spilt Milk did a number of podcast interviews, but we couldn't get the kind of regularity necessary to make them a part of people's podcast diets. Today, "My Spilt Milk: The Podcast" returns, and we plan on it returning every Monday, looking at the week ahead.

This week, music writer Alison Fensterstock and I talk about how music fits into our lives during Carnival--what we hear, where we hear it, and why? I also talk to Ben Schenck about the parade experience as part of Panorama Brass Band.

In the podcast, I talk about a Hip-Hop Family Tree-inspired playlist I made on Spotify, and Alison talked about "Mardi Gras, Down in New Orleans it's Carnival," a rap track from 1985 that owes a clear debt to Run-DMC.

This episode is our maiden voyage, and producer Justin Gitelman and I have already discussed some changes we'll make starting with episode two. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or feedback, write me at