On "High Steppin'," the Grammy-nominated R&B and blues band learns a valuable lesson.

high steppin cover

Blues/funk/R&B/rock band Blinddog Smokin’ was linked to New Orleans when it was nominated for Grammy earlier this year for its work backing Bobby Rush on Decisions, which also featured Dr. John. The new High Steppin’ comes out today, and much of the album was recorded in New Orleans with musical guests Shane Theriot, David Torkanowsky, and Matt Rhody. 

One track on the album, “Tell ‘Em Shuffle,” was inspired by the passing of singer Carl Gustafson’s mother.

“Death isn't always predictable,” he says. “If we love someone we need to tell them, for in all too many cases the end comes leaving us full of regret and self recrimination. The song urges us to ponder this and take action. "A kind word spoken is an easy gift to give."