The New Orleans funk band recently shot a series of videos live during a house party.

Naughty Professor photo

Last December, funk band Naughty Professor had a party and shot videos of themselves amidst the mayhem. The videos have gone up on YouTube under the collective title "Open House," and My Spilt Milk is pleased to debut the last video in the series, "Norman." 

According to Naughty Professor's guitar player Bill Daniel:

For "Open House" we tried to incorporate the energy of a live show with the sound quality of a recording session. The six band members were split into three different rooms, each with their own individual headphone mix. Although the recording and video was very important, we wanted to ensure the live audience was getting the full experience, so we rigged each room with it's own monitor mix, giving the crowd the complete, simultaneous sound of the whole band.

For more of the "Open House" series, visit Naughty Professor's YouTube channel.

Naughty Professor will play One Eyed Jacks Friday night with Nasimiyu and Yugen.