A hip-hop remake of "Iko Iko" leads this week's Freshly Spilt Milk, which includes psychedelic freakouts, pure pop, electronic music pioneers and guys dropping their first tracks.

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1. “Iko” feat. Lizzo - NASA: A hip-hop update of the Dixie Cups’ classic.

2. “Virgo’s Maze” - Part Time: The title track from the two-record set by Part Time, essentially David Loca in his home studio pushing icy synth pop into the freaky sound zone.

3. “Lost Cause” - Monarchy: Monarchy remakes Beck’s country-isn “Lost Cause” from Sea Change as electro pop on Re/Vision, an album of covers that includes versions of songs by Lana Del Ray, Phoenix, Nine Inch Nails, and Blur. Due out Tuesday.

4. “HMU (Hit Me Up)” feat. Vin Sol - Matrixxman: The first single from Matrixxman’s upcoming debut album, Homesick, due out July 10 is surprisingly complex minimalist techno. It’s less repetitive than it seems at first, and some shifts come out of the blue.

5. “Vyza” - Without: Electronic dance rock that strikes a curious balance with the airy falsetto vocals and the muscled-up bass.

6. “Glory” (Steve Angello Remix) - Jean-Michel Jarre & M83: Jean-Michel Jarre has been making electronic music since 1976’s Oxygène, and he collaborates with M83 on this track from Jarre’s upcoming album. Jarre selected Angello, a member of the Swedish House Mafia, for the remix.

7. “Madman” - Raw Calibre: British hip-hop from Manchester. Their debut EP, Hierarchy, is due out June 29. 

8. “Black Rainbow” - Sundays & Cybele: Sundays & Cybele is Kazuo Tsubouchi and friends, and “Black Rainbow” is a Krautrock-oriented psychedelic rave-up from their upcoming album, Heaven, due out July 31.

9. “Be What You Are” - The Cairo Gang: A few weeks ago, we included “Ice Fishing” by The Cairo Gang in the “Freshly Spilt Milk” playlist. “Be What You Are” is almost as perfect a slice of jangle pop.

10. “Holy Motel Magic” - Mail the Horse: “Holy Motel Magic” is the modern version of classic rock, which means the sexual encounter the title suggests involved a condom.

11. “Surreal Exposure” - Ducktail: Can’t anybody make friends anymore. Ducktails is another one-man project. Matt Mondamile’s fragile voice gives emotional weight to to his psychedelic rock, which goes in progressively complex circles as the song continues. “Surreal Exposure” will be on St. Catherine, Ducktails’ new album due out July 24.

12. “Sofa Queen (feat. Ellen Kemper) - Philadelphia Collins: Exploding in Sound labelmates Devin McKnight (Speedy Ortiz, Grass is Green) and Theo Harlett (Ovlov, Flat Swamp) recorded together at Philadelphia Collins, and their debut album, Derp Swervin’ is due out July 24. They’re joined on vocals by Palehound’s Ellen Kempner, who has to fight for her place in their racket until moments when everything lines up and “Sofa Queen” becomes as sleek as a sports car.

13. “Indian Summer” - Jai Wolf: Wolf is part of Odessa’s Foreign Family Collective, and “Indian Summer” is his first release on his own aside from a series of remixes. The mix of exotic elements and European stateliness is charming.

14. Dance On Me” - GoldLink: A cool rap track from GoldLink and his first release after last year’s The God Complex.

15. “Coastal Cruise ’86” - High Tides: Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Tobacco was an early supporter of High Times, and the duo will release their self-titled debut album July 31 on his Rad Cult label. It’s not hard to imagine that the mix of melodic elements and a dragging, odd undercurrent appealed to his sensibility.

16. “Back ’n Forth” (original mix) - Black & Tolley: Minimal techno from Northeast England driven by a hiccuping synth until the bass comes in to mash the pedal for the track’s final moments.

17. “Everyday” - Dianne Coffee: Shaun Fleming performs as Diana Coffee, and he shares an affinity for ’70s rock, soul and pop with Foxygen, with whom he plays drums. This track from his upcoming album, Everybody’s a Good Dog—due out September 4—cuts and pastes sounds from across the spectrum into compelling pop. Diana Coffee will play The Howlin’ Wolf November 11 with Of Montreal. 

18. “Put Your Arms Around Me” (Stereolab/The High Llamas Remix) - Rundgren, Nikolai, Lindstrøm: This track has a couple of generations of pop purists on board—Todd Rundgren providing the song, and Tim Gane from Stereolab remixing the track with Sean O’Hagan from The High Llamas. The signature elements of each’s sound is present, resulting in dreamy, lightly soulful melodic pop.

19. “Fill the Void” (Dave Harrington Remix) - A Place to Buy Strangers: Dave Harrington’s remix of the track from psychedelic rock band’s album Transfixiation transforms it from a rampaging feedback freakout into a drone that organizes the feedback into an industrial churn with the ghost of a melody haunting the track.