The New Orleans burlesque rapper canceled a show in Oxford when the club owners worried that her performance might be against the law. 

boyfriend photo
Boyfriend, by Jason Kruppa

New Orleans rappers can't catch a break in Mississippi. In February, Big Freedia had a show in Hattiesburg cancelled when the owner of The Dollar Box was concerned that the state's Alcohol Beverage Control board would find Freedia and her dancers' "gyrating" to be too much. On April 9, Boyfriend faced a similar issue when she was scheduled to play Proud Larry's in Oxford.

Boyfriend plays One Eyed Jacks tonight, but according to the Jackson Free Press, she was backstage preparing to go onstage when club owner Scott Carradine expressed concern that her show could cause problems for the bar because the state's Alcohol Beverage Control board had been cracking down on what it considered sexually charged performances. Because there were no clear guidelines as to what would and wouldn't pass muster, they agreed to postpone the show indefinitely.

"Scott is a really intelligent and articulate person, and when he voiced his concerns to me, I totally did understand," Boyfriend told the Jackson Free Press' Micah Smith.

I told him, 'If it would be me who'd be persecuted and might wind up in handcuffs after the show, then we're doing it. I'm walking upstairs right now.' But because it would be him and his business that would be put at risk, that's not a very ladylike thing to do, to insist on me moving forward.

Boyfriend's most recent release, Love Your Boyfriend Pt. 3, presents remixed of tracks from the first two parts of the Love Your Boyfriend series.

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