A look back at our Christmas music coverage as well as Christmas video from Harry Shearer and Judith Owen, Christmas music from Quintron, and our Spotify Christmas playlist.

santa norad art

It’s Christmas Eve and we’ve talked about Christmas music as much as we’re going to this year. We’ve talked to Johnny Mathis, Johnnyswim (in The New Orleans Advocate), Debbie Davis, Irvin Mayfield, and Panorama Jazz Band’s Ben Schenck about making it; Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever’s soundtrack producers about selling it; and we’ve reviewed it. We’ve defended it (again, in The New Orleans Advocate) and posted some new, free Christmas music to download, as well as our own free, downloadable Christmas mix. At this point, there’s not much left to say.

But there’s more to hear. For example, Harry Shearer and Judith Owen’s Christmas sing-along was sadly AWOL from New Orleans’ holiday season, but that doesn’t mean they took the season off.

For those looking for a less jazzy but still dark take on Christmas, here are a couple of excellent versions of seasonal classics by Quintron and Miss Pussycat.

Finally, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day can eat up a lot of music or force you to repeat songs or albums. With that in mind, here’s My Spilt Milk’s Christmas playlist on Spotify—another two and a half hours’ worth of music from all across the spectrum. Merry Christmas from My Spilt Milk.