This week's "Freshly Spilt Milk" playlist goes inside your head for the holiday with Boyz Noize and Pilo, Towkio, Linear Labs, Elohim and more.

boyz noize photo
Boyz Noize

1. "Wallflower" - Maribou State: A lovely, meditative new songs from the British duo's upcoming album, Portraits, due out June 1.

2. ".Wav Theory" - Towkio: The soul-drenched title track from the recent mixtape from Chicago's Towkio.

3. "Basketball" (demo) - Speed Ortiz: An engaging track despite its skeletal nature as it's little more than the voice of singer Sadie Dupuis, It will be released on Carpark Records' Sweet 16 vinyl picture disc, due out July 21. 

4. "Blood Burst" - Mammút: The Icelandic quintet carefully controls the surges and swells in this song from their upcoming EP, River's End, due out June 1.

5. "This is the Investigation" - Moody Good: The industrial title track from the producer's new EP, with the emphasis on "moody." The EP is all about texture and sound with melody, beats and grooves carefully excised. 

6. "Dark Creedence" - Nap Eyes: This Nova Scotia-based rock band has the lovely fragility of a young band that may never be able to sound like this again. They're riding the pounding beat and insistently chiming guitar while another guitar player wrestles his feedback first into existence, then under control.

7. "Cerebral" - Boyz Noize and Pilo: From his upcoming Strictly Raw Vol. 1 album. The intensity is dialed down but only slightly, despite being the product of one drum machine and a couple of synths.

8. "All About" - Shaun Frank and VanRip: New future house from the Canadian producer, out now.

9. "The Tracks" - Stranger Cat: The Brooklyn-based duo are haunting as singer Cat Marino seems in danger of being swamped by the lovely, slow-rolling sea that is about to engulf her at any moment. But she's going to be felt before she's washed away.

10. "Memories of War" - Adrian Younge's Linear Labs with Laetitia Saddler: One of the voices of Stereolab returns to make a guest spot on the Stereolab-like track on his new Los Angeles album, out now.

11. "Surrender" - Briana Marela: The first single from Marela, whose voice threatens to float away, but simultaneously grounded and pushed toward take off by Sigur Rós' producer Alex Somers' efforts. The album, All Around Us, will be out August 21.

12. "Break the Chain" - Ultimate Painting: The sound of classic, psychedelic British pop from the upcoming album Green Lanes, due out August 7.

13. "She Talks Too Much" - Elohim: Los Angeles-based singer Elohim's electropop is subtly challenging with a jittery keyboard part in the verse laid next to tumbling electronic drums. It all resolves in a chorus so inevitable that it makes remembering the verse and almost anything else hard to do.

14. "Vampire on My Fridge" (Farao Mix) - Low Roar: This Icelandic trio will be in New Orleans on June 8 at the Republic when it opens for Active Child.

15. "Hermits on Holiday" - Drinks: Singer Cate Le Bon teams with Tim Presley, who performs as White Fences, for some sweetly quirky pop on this track from their project, which they refer to not as a collaboration but "a solo project," according to the press release. "It has one mouth, one set of lungs, one mind and four legs." The album Hermits on Holiday is due out August 21.

16. "Solanum" (Human Movement Remix) - Sweetland: A slice of Australian techno as the young Melbourne-based Sweetland is remixed by the production duo from Sydney. This track is made first for the dance floor and hearkens back to techno's roots in Kraftwerk.