Previews of Shannon McNally's tribute to Bobby Charles and AM and Shawn Lee's second album together.

Photo of Shannon McNally

Songwriter Bobby Charles was one of Louisiana's overlooked treasures - a songwriter whose natural, conversational lyrics and effortless melodies obscured his homespun wisdom. Before he passed away in 2010, Shannon McNally cut an album of his songs produced by Charles' long-time friend and collaborator, Dr. John. That album, Small Town Talk - The Songs of Bobby Charles, is due out on vinyl on April 16 (in time for National Record Store Day) and in other forms April 30. To help defray some of the costs of making and touring the music of the album, McNally has launched a Rockethub campaign that you can participate in here.

Los Angeles-based recording artist AM is Northshore-born and Loyola-educated, and he has his second collaboration with producer Shawn Lee due out May 7. Their first album together, Celestial Electric, recalled classic mid-'70s radio rock, but with moody, electronic grooves. On the upcoming La Musique Numerique they continue in the same vein. "Two Times" is the first cut from it, crossing up the '70s and '80s with evocative, vintage instruments.