This week's Freshly Spilt Milk features new music from Datsik, ((mothers)), Borgore,  Jesusdapnk and more!

Bad Royale photo
Bad Royale -DJMAG

1. “Keep Me Awake”  - Liskka: “Keep Me Awake” is a genre-bending single that features haunting vocals, and is at once atmospheric and epic.  According to Liskka, the songs eclectic nature is derived from a combination of influences including: “glitch, electro pop and Modern R'n'B.”

2. “My Heart My Soul My Life” – Jesusdapnk: Jesusdapnk is celebrating its new label’s second anniversary with a two song EP, which features, “My Heart My Soul My Life.” This cut is a brooding and introspective house piece with some dubby synth wobbles that gently swell and pulse like the tide.

3. “Caught Up” – Kissy and Jamie George: Trendy genres like tropical and future house are becoming monotonous, so in “Caught Up,” Kissy and Jamie George’s focus on the classic UK garage sound makes for a nostalgically refreshing experience.

4. “In My Room Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Tyga” - Yellow Claw and DJ Mustard: In a surprisingly radio-ready release, Yellow Claw has teamed up with DJ Mustard, Tyga, and Ty Dolla $ign to create a track that is sure to be burning up dancefloors nationwide in a few weeks. Just remember that you heard it here first. 

5. "Fresh Lemonade (Bad Royale Remix)" – We Chief: This remix by Bad Royale synthesizes classic dancehall and EDM sounds to produce a Major Lazer-esque “raggatronic” hit. 

6. “Same Old Love (Borgore Remix)” – Selena Gomez: Borgore, a well-established dubstep producer, went in an unusual house direction with his recent remix of Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love.” There are still some elements of his signature grungy dub sound scattered throughout the track, but overall this is a big departure from the norm for the Israeli producer.

7. “Smoke Bomb Ft. Snoop Dogg” – Datsik: Another prominent dubstep producer released an unusual single this week, as Datsik teamed up with Snoop Dogg to create a dubstep track laden with West Coast, ‘g-funk’ vibes and sounds. With several future house producers like Jauz venturing into brostep/dubstep, it would seem that a small revival is underway.

8. “Radio Days (feat. Shotgun Tom Kelly)” – Fred Falke: “Radio Days’ is a French disco track that’s all smooth-talking Shotgun Tom Kelly, gliding synths, and glittering guitar riffs.

9. “Too Small For Eyes”  - ((mothers)): “Too Small for Eyes” is the sparse opening single on ((mothers))'s debut LP, "When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired,” which will be released February 26. The cut features poetic lyrics that inspire introspection and curiosity.