The New Orleans rapper stars in a new commercial for Volkswagen and Beats by Dre.

alfred banks photo
Alfred Banks

[Updated] Currently, rapper Alfred Banks stars in a commercial for Volkswagen and Beats by Dre. In it, he rides a car through the assembly line accompanied by a trumpet player and banjo player. The rhythmic, industrial sound becomes part of the percussive groove, over which Banks raps a remixed version of his biggest song, “Homecoming.”

“Homecoming” was produced by CZA, and the version heard in the commercial is a remix by CZA with live horns replacing the sample. He appears in the video as the banjo player, and the trumpet player is another New Orleans rapper, Kaye the Beast

The commercial is Banks’ follow-up to his EP, A Beautiful Prelude, which was inspired by the events surrounding the suicide of his brother, who struggled with schizophrenia. As we wrote at the time, “Needless to say, the three songs are heavy. Banks probably lets the concept drive the material a little too rigorously, but "Bless You" is an impressively naked goodbye to his brother.”

Updated June 22, 11:39 a.m.

Originally, I incorrectly attributed production of "Homecoming" to Jermaine Quiz. In fact, Quiz shot the video for "Homecoming," and CZA produced the original and remixed versions of the song. The current text reflects the correction.