"Last Night" is a new collaboration between Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton.

Photo of art of Lil Wayne

Fans of Lil Wayne would like a reason to believe that the Weezy circa Tha Carter II and III still lives somewhere in him. A sure measure that that still isn't happening: ending up on TMZ.com. How does he end up there? By collaborating with Paris Hilton. The celebrity website has assembled its own video to accompany "Last Night," a track by Afrojack rumored to have been originally intended for her that showed up on Pitbull's Global Warming album.

Thankfully, Lil Wayne is at least back to being reliably entertaining again, but there's nothing here to reassure the doubters who suspect that rapping is simply one part of his brand these days. Before slagging his choice in collaborators, though, it's useful to remember that he has never been overly choosy about who he shares a mic with.

In other Lil Wayne news, he'll debut his new video, "No Worries," the first single from his upcoming I Am Not a Human Being 2, Wednesday at 6:53 p.m. on MTV.