The Young Money Cash Money rapper talks about the label, Lil Wayne, skateboards and "Don't Get It Twisted."

On a number of occasions, rapper Lil Twist has referred to his Young Money Cash Money label as family, and they've raised him well. The 19-year-old has good manners, even calling me "sir." He was in town Friday to perform at the UNO Lakefront Arena with Mindless Behavior and Jacob Latimore. They're on the last leg of a national tour, and his tour manager's Blackberry shows the damage that accompanies working with a teenage star. Its screen was a casualty of a girl stampede in a mall. Her iPhone is well-padded for protection as well. "Those girls are crazy," she says. "They'll jump in front of the bus."

We spoke in his hotel room in the Marriott. There was a pause when I broke out my video camera - sunglasses or no sunglasses? He sent his road manager to get them, then started talking anyway.