The 2014 bounce hit for 5th Ward Weebie is back with new remixes from Quickie Mart with Unicorn Fukr, and Smookie Illson.

5th ward weebie art

When 5th Ward Weebie's "Let Me Find Out" became one of New Orleans' biggest songs in 2014, it was a return to old school bounce values. At a time when bounce is often a hyperactive burst of electronic percussion, "Let Me Found Out" is driven by the classic "Drag Rap" samples. At a time when bounce songs are often little more than catch phrases, the song's a version of the dozens, comically running down all the ways Weebie's friends might be showing their low-rent asses.

"I went back into my whole origin of how I make music, which is have fun," Weebie told Alison Fensterstock.

Don't be serious and overthink, just have fun. Let it be the funny truth. And that's what I'm known to do, if you go back in history with my music. The 'F--- Katrina,' it's the funny truth. I turned a drastic situation, something that was horrific to the world – and I was a part of that situation, so I was able to turn something that was so dramatic and so drastic into something you can laugh a little bit about - and that's the truth. Same element, same energy.

Weebie approached Quickie Mart and Smookie Illson to do remixes of "Let Me Find Out" that are out today. Quickie Mart and Unicorn Fukr did a version that drastically remakes the song as a house track that comes on like a wave, slowly building until it crests and fades away. Smookie Illson puts Weebie in a more EDM context, but one that respects the vocal and the song's playful core.