LCD Soundsystem are one of this year's Voodoo headliners, and today the group released the third video for songs from the upcoming "American Dream."

lcd soundsystem american dream cover art

Today, LCD Soundsystem released a video for “Tonite,” the third advance track from the upcoming American Dream. The album is due out September 1, and the band will headline the opening night of this year’s Voodoo Music + Arts Experience on October 27. 

LCD’s James Murphy started the American Dream roll-out on Saturday Night Live, and recently he told Tom Sharpling on “The Best Show” on WFMU that the album will be darker than the first tracks suggest. “It’s a little oppressive—it’s a combination of sunshine and oppression,” he said.

“Tonite” lives in that uncertain space. “Oh good gracious,” I sound like my mom,” Murphy sings at one point, and the odd comedy of that line exists in tension with the insistent, throbbing musical pulse that defines the track. Murphy’s sung/spoken lyric unwinds discursively as the nu disco groove deepens and slowly anatomizes the familiar unease and melancholy that LCD specializes in. It’s lyrically and musically familiar territory, more so than “Call the Police,” half of the first double A side release that coincided with the band’s appearance on SNL. 

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