This week's "Freshly Spilt Milk" has new music from Cillie Barnes, Kodak to Graph, Richard Thompson, Doomsquad and more.

Kodak to Graph Photo
Kodak to Graph

1. "Scylla" (King Henry Remix) - RL Grime: King Henry brings clean breakbeat production to “Scylla,” and refreshes the track while leaving key components intact. RL Grime’s VOID Remix set will be released on May 12 via WeDidIt Records.

2. "Los Angeles" - Kodak to Graph: Trap sounds subtly infiltrate this ambient bass track that has garnered support from Odesza and Slow Magic. This single is taken from Kodak to Graph’s new album, Isa, which is available for free download now.

3. "Symmetry" - Cillie Barnes: Brooding instrumentation and spare percussion allows Cillie Barnes’ voice and intricate songwriting to shine in “Symmetry.”  She described writing the song as, “a stream of consciousness…about a guy I had a ‘Binder Crush’ on for awhile,” which means, “they remind me of someone I probably would have had on my binder growing up; one dimensional, protected by plastic.”

4. "Play" - Lewis Lane: Powerful female vocals soar over this aggressive indie pop ballad infused with 808s and eclectic EDM sounds.

5. "VCR Machine" - Elliot Moss: NYC-based singer/songwriter Elliot Moss puts his artistic chops to work and proves that his Spin Magazine’s recognition as an “Artist to Watch” is well deserved. Check out this haunting single from his album, Highspeeds.

6. "Beatnik Walking" - Richard Thompson: Richard Thompson’s playful, yet critical single, “Beatnik Walking,” is a hint of what’s to come from his darkly humorous and perceptive album, Still, set for release June 23 through Fantasy Records.

7. "Song #4" - Little Children: Despite the bland title, “Song #4” is a delightful folk pop track that is anything but apathetic.

8. "Two-Way Mirror" - Doomsquad: Doomsquad is a Toronto-based group made up of three siblings who create dream pop and darkwave that draws from psychedelic rock, electronica, and possibly the Talking Heads. This is the first release off their forthcoming EP, Two-Way Mirror, which will be available on June 19.

9. "Tropical Smoothie" - Joey Pecoraro: Michigan producer Joey Pecoraro reveals a pleasantly lush hip-hop instrumental that neatly interweaves piano and flute melodies, and draws on distortion for character.

10. "Water Confluence feat. Abbi Press" - Falls: Head nodding vocals accompany rib-shaking bass in Falls’ single, “Water Confluence feat. Abbi Press.”