Quickie Mart makes an EDM-friendly remix of Ricky B's bounce classic, "Shake Fa Ya Hood."

[NSFW] When I started working on the Oxford American music issue, one of the two songs that I knew I wanted to include was Ricky B's bounce classic, "Shake Fa Ya Hood." Fortunately, we were able to include the song, unlike Bobby Marchan's "Rocking Behind the Iron Curtain," which we couldn't clear for use. The issue is out now, and engineer Rick Clark made the song sound great following Nathan and the Zydeco Cha Chas' "Old Man's Darling."

Quickie Mart has remixed "Shake Fa Ya Hood" to connect bounce and Ricky B with the EDM market; here's the official video to accompany the release, including footage of Quickie Mart rocking the crowd and Ricky B cruising on a Segway. Here are videos for the new and old version. On the CD, we used the clean version, which Ricky B considers the authoritative version. This YouTube clip of is the explicit version.

In other EDM news, My Spilt Milk has a pair of tickets to see DJ Shadow perform Wednesday at The Republic. Click here to enter.