The downloadable "New Orleans Christmas Bounce" mix delivers exactly what its title promises with the right spirit. 

Cover art for "New Orleans Christmas Bounce"

Yesterday My Spilt Milk went old school bounce with Ricky B; today - contemporary with New Orleans Christmas Bounce, a seven-song, 18-minute downloadable mixtape for the season. One of my favorite current bounce producers, BlaqNmilD, opens it with Sess 4-5 on "Christmas Tree," building on a Jackson 5 sample. Elsewhere, Kourtney Heart, Big Freedia and others mix the playful spirit of bounce with the sleek, well-dressed R&B grooves.

New Orleans Christmas Bounce makes me think I was on to something when I theorized that Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas" is the African-American Christmas music gold standard equivalent of Bing Crosby's "White Christmas." In this mix, the song appears in three tracks including a segue from Roca B and Ya Boy Big Choo's urban version into an anarchic, clattering take by Big Freedia. That flows into a bounce remix of R. Kelly's "Merry Christmas," then a killer, brass-oriented remix of "Christmas in New Orleans" by Dani' Wright.

Someone in the Crescent City is going to have to step up to make cooler Christmas music this year.    

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