Our highlights include Beach House, Steve Earle, Waxahatchee, and Naked on the Floor with Steven Bernstein.

beach house photo
Beach House

In recent years, Jazz Fest at night has been a jam fest, and that’s certainly going on. Every night this time of year, some combination of guys who don’t usually play together are playing something funky somewhere in New Orleans. Fortunately, this year’s offerings have been broader than that. People are still jamming, but we also get nights like tonight, where our highlights have a little range to them.

We get dream pop from Beach House, Steve Earle revisiting his classics, and Waxahatchee’s extroverted introspection. Three Keys in the Ace Hotel presents a free night of adventurous semi-composed music with Naked on the Floor, Steven Bernstein, and Redrawblak Trio. Brad Walker from the latter was last seen at Jazz Fest playing saxophone with Sturgill Simpson.

Beach House at The Civic Theatre (8 p.m.)

Steve Earle and the Dukes play the 30th anniversary of Copperhead Road at Tipitina’s (9 p.m.)

Waxahatchee at Gasa Gasa (9 p.m.)

Naked on the Floor with Steven Bernstein, and Redrawblak Trio at Three Keys (9 p.m.)